Issue date: 08 August 2001

Paul Soan came to UWE through Clearing and says it has worked out very well for him. When he got his A Level results he didn’t panic – he wasn’t expecting them to be very good as he admits he hadn’t applied himself very much in his last year at school.

He says, “I considered going straight from school into employment but in the end I opted to go for a degree because I knew I would get the most long term satisfaction if I set my sights higher and stuck with my key interest – science.”

He was accepted onto the one-year Science Foundation programme course and progressed to the first year of a degree in Applied Biological Sciences. He failed some modules in the first year as he says he got too carried away with his social life in the first year of his degree. Paul says the modular system has worked well for him, “I have been able to repeat some modules in subject areas in which I am weaker by studying part-time and working to pay the fees and support myself. This means that I have been able to continue with the degree and I have ended up studying the subject area I am most keen on – Biomedical Sciences.”

Paul is currently waiting to hear about his placement for the coming year.

Paul comes from Frome in Somerset and says having friends who were already studying at UWE was also a factor in deciding to come here. So what are his ambitions for the future? Paul says, “It may take me slightly longer than other people to get my degree but I am glad that I persevered with my studies. Eventually I would like to work in a lab in pathology or haematology. I will be working in an area that truly interests me.”


Editors Notes:
Jpeg visual of Paul Soan available from the Press Office.

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