MBE for UWE Professor in Honours list

Issue date: 05 January 2009

Professor Clara Greed Dr Clara Greed, Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning at the University of the West of England has been honoured with an MBE for services to urban design in the New Year Honours list.

Clara Greed is a planner whose work has focused on inclusive planning, ensuring that the everyday needs of people are included in urban design. A particular focus of her work has been campaigning against the closure of public toilets, greater provision of toilets in cities and towns, and the importance of such facilities for an inclusive modern environment.

Clara Greed has written and edited a number of books on inclusive urban planning and on public toilet provision. She has also been active in seeking to mainstream gender issues into urban planning. She has published widely in journals on these subjects and her work is recognised internationally. Clara Greed has presented papers at dozens of international conferences over a number of years.

Clara says, “It is nice to be recognised in this way, and to have my efforts respected, but I have just been doing the work that I think is important - the need to 'plan' for the needs of everyday people and to create the city of 'everyday life'. At the moment the focus has been all about the closure of toilets, but I have also looked at public transport, women and planning issues and other urban planning issues. I am pleased to have this recognition, but I would like to see more public toilets reopened than to get this kind of award any day.”

Professor Steven West, UWE's Vice-Chancellor said, “We are pleased that Clara's work has been honoured in this way. She has worked tirelessly over the years to bring inclusive issues of urban design to the forefront of the planning agenda. We are proud of her achievements, which reflect the quality of the University's research and partnerships.”



Dr Clara Greed is Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning at the University of the West of England. Professor Greed's book on public toilets, 'Public Toilets: Inclusive Urban Design', Architectural Press, Elsevier, Oxford was published in June 2003 and subsequently translated into Chinese. This book follows a long line of over ten books developing the themes of social aspects of planning, urban design and urban policy. Professor Greed is a town planner and whose main interests are in the fields of the social aspects of planning and urban design.

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