UWE Architecture building first to use award winning Modcell

Issue date: 02 December 2008

University of the West of England The Architecture Building at the University of the West of England was the first ever building to include innovative Modcell™ panels designed by UWE lecturer and Modcell™ Director Craig White. The panels have just received a major industry award 'the Offsite Construction Award for best Product of the Year 2008'.

The judging panel said, “With sustainability central to the modern built environment, Modcell™ and their straw and hemp panels are set to play a huge part at the centre of European zero carbon construction. They score heavily against the triple bottom line, time after time.”

Modcell™ panels have recently received public notoriety when they were used to brilliant effect in the Channel 4 programme 'The House that Kevin built' presented by Kevin McCloud.

Craig White said, “We are obviously delighted to receive this award. The Modcell™ panels have been integrated into many award winning buildings but we have a special affection for the UWE building which was the first project to use the system.”

UWE Estates Project Manager Robert Hill, lead the Architecture Studios building project, he said, “We wanted to create a building that used sustainable principals and the Modcell™ panels were integral to this. The resulting building included a range of sustainable features and is used to inspire UWE's architecture students.”

The Modcell™ panels comprise an innovative, offsite-manufactured wall and roof cladding system can be quickly and efficiently installed, creating buildings with thermal performance nearly three times higher than the current building regulations require.

ModCell™ is the first product to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality. The Modcell™ system utilises the excellent thermal insulation qualities of straw bale and hemp construction to form prefabricated panels made in a local Flying Factory™. ModCell™ allows super-insulated, high-performance, low energy 'passive' buildings to be built using renewable, locally sourced, carbon sequestering materials. This super-insulated system, combined with our airtight details, means that buildings constructed using ModCell™ Panels meet the demanding PassivHaus specification. As a result, buildings using ModCell™ can have zero heat requirements, saving money and CO2 emissions. ModCell™ is designed for use in housing, schools, offices and commercial buildings.


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