Issue date: 19 June 2001

UWE Fashion show - Bristol Industrial Museum 16 June 2001 - 5pm and 8pm

Bristol Industrial Museum will be the Venue for the UWE Fashion and Textiles students' Degree Show for the first time this year. Inspired by the ideas ranging from the English cottage garden, horseriding and 'Neighbours' to the Parka and sheepskins, students from the final year of the Fashion and Textiles degree will be showing their collections in two shows (at 5 pm and 8 pm - see below for ticket information).

Adrian Grandon, Fashion award leader said, “There is a very high standard of workmanship this year and the Industrial Museum is an ideal venue – it is a huge space providing lots of interesting backdrops for the designs. The students wanted a central venue in the hub of things in Bristol to attract and accommodate a bigger audience. As well as putting their collections in the show some of the students are producing a CD ROM to send to buyers and designers.”

Andrea Grossoehmichen is a German ERASMUS student who has based her designs on the theme of the flowery English Cottage garden. A girl spends six days in a garden waiting for her lover and she wears a different dress each day. She starts with a transparent crocheted dress decorated with flowers and leaves. On day two she wears a picnic dress in green silk with see through white gauze painted with daisies. On the third day (see picture) she wears a ‘letter dress’ which reflects having received a letter from her lover. An organza garment worn on top of the dress represents the shadow cast over her holiday by her lover's letter. On day four she wears a ‘restless dress’ which is made with different fabrics to look like a landscape. She is confused and restless in the garden after receiving the letter – he has disturbed her inner calm. On day five the outfit is jeans and a top which is printed with a garden theme - she has changed back to a normal girl. On day six she wears a ball gown with an underdress in embroidered lace and an overdress in night blue - her soul is covered up once again.

Marina Harvey is a mature student from South Africa. Her outfits are based on a horseriding theme. One outfit features a tailored jacket and full length skirt. (see picture). The jacket is made from a horse blanket edged with military ribbon and both the jacket and skirt are 'hunting red' (traditionally called hunting pink!). The surprise at the back of the skirt is a horses mane all the way down the back. Another garment is a jacket of cream taffeta cut away at the back to look like a saddle. Marina said, “I came to the horse theme for my collection by looking at military dress for horses. I wanted to present women as elegant creatures but also with a sense of humour. When I graduate I’d like to get a job in the fashion industry but I’ve lived in Bristol for seven years now and I’d really like to stay here."

James Boss comes from Walsall near Birmingham. His collection is based on the clothes worn on the Australian soap 'Neighbours'. James said, “I looked at the clothes worn by characters like Lou Carpenter and Scott Robinson. I did a lot of research on the Internet to find about the garments worn by the stars. In my collection I have tried to capture that kitsch feel of the clothes as well as reproducing the styles of the 80’s".
(Picture:- The model wears a short-sleeved shirt in day glow green print and grey trousers.)

After graduating from UWE Amber Brierley will continue her Fashion studies at St Martins in London where she will study for an MA. Her work is based around the idea of image and identity and the relationship between a garment and the wearer. Initially She took a 'parka' and asked a whole range of UWE staff - from cleaners to porters and security staff - to wear the garment and photographed how they wore it. Her interest is in how the personality of the wearer is altered by wearing the coat. Amber then went on to redesign the parka by incorporating an integral shirt and jumper into the coat - which she made of black organza (see picture).

Leila Pearce, a mature student from Bristol, worked with Fenland - a tanners and manufacturers of sheepskin from Bridgwater. Leila said, “I used sheepskin because it is in fashion. The jacket, in wine red, is fitted with an asymmetrical collar and the skirt is designed using the ideas of folding and pleating you find in origami. I chose the colour for the dyes myself."

For tickets contact the Bower Ashton reception on 0117 344 4716. The 5pm show tickets are priced at £5 and the 8pm tickets at £8.

To obtain visuals please contact the Press Officers.


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