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  • UWE Bristol academics support women's rights movement in Egypt


    UWE academics from Bristol Business School are using their skills in understanding and analysing group dynamics to support women striving together for women's rights in Egypt following the 'Arab Spring'.

    Working with the international organisation, Peace Women Across the Globe (PWAG), Dr Nadine Riad Tchelebi (Bristol Business School), is taking part in the first initiative in Egyptian history to create a dialogue forum which brings together a broad range of women's groups across the country.

  • UWE Bristol's Team Entrepreneurs present Uni Wars - Battle of Bristol


    The Bunker (Bristol)


    Uni Wars – Battle of Bristol is the first event organised by The Student Company, a team of aspiring entrepreneurs on UWE Bristol's innovative BA Business (Team Entrepreneurship) degree.

    The event will see students from UWE Bristol and University of Bristol embracing the friendly local rivalry in a series of games and challenges throughout the night.

  • Learning by doing; UWE Bristol runs new course for budding entrepreneurs


    A new course at UWE Bristol aimed at producing graduates with degrees plus experience of running their own businesses has just welcomed its first cohort of 37 students.

    The course structure is ground-breaking – no classrooms, compulsory lectures or exams - and has been introduced to the UK for the first time this year. Called Team Entrepreneurship, the degree course is based on methods pioneered in Finland and also run successfully in Spain and Hungary, and has been described as a revolution in management education.

  • UWE alumni create their own property 'bubble'


    Aidan Rushby and Logan Hall, who both completed an MBA at UWE Bristol, have recently launched their own business; Movebubble.

    Movebubble is an online property website that aims to make moving home as easy as possible for all involved. By bringing tenants, landlords and tradespeople together on one website, and allowing them to communicate and interact with each other, Movebubble hopes to provide an alternative to the traditional letting model that will save users considerable time and money.

    Once registered, 'renters', 'owners' and 'traders' build up a 'Movebubbl

  • Job dissatisfaction encourages workers to choose temping


    The unhappiness of being in a bad job is strongly linked to people's decision to leave permanent work for the uncertain world of temporary employment, says new research.

  • UWE Bristol award Honorary Degree to Mary Prior MBE DStJ JP


    UWE Bristol will award the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration to Mary Prior MBE DStJ JP in recognition of her remarkable record of public and charitable service and her outstanding business career.

    The Honorary Degree will be conferred at the Awards Ceremony of the Faculty of Business and Law on Thursday 25 July at Bristol Cathedral.

  • UWE Bristol awards Honorary Degree to Stephen Fear


    UWE Bristol will award the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration to Stephen Fear in recognition of his significant contribution to enterprise and entrepreneurship.

    The Honorary Degree will be conferred at the Awards Ceremony of the Faculty of Business and Law on Wednesday 24 July at Bristol Cathedral.

  • Do supermarkets use loyalty cards to exert power over 'unruly' customers?


    Are customers always right, or do their choices – when captured by the technology of loyalty cards – in fact enable producers to gain subtle forms of control over them?

    That is the paradox revealed by Antony Beckett's analysis of loyalty cards and of the balance of power between customers and retailers.

  • UWE helps develop new sustainable procurement index


    UWE Bristol has teamed up with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) and PRGX UK Ltd to develop a groundbreaking supplier sustainable procurement index.

    The CIPS Sustainability Index is an innovative online sustainable procurement index which has just been launched in London. It is a joint initiative of PRGX UK, CIPS and UWE.

  • UWE Bristol graduates take top honours at Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards South West


    UWE Bristol alumni Tony Curtis and Thomas Anderson-Dixon, two of Bristol's brightest entrepreneurs, are set to represent the South West at the Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards final on 23 April 2013, after winning the regional heat in Exeter.

  • £1.2m personal data project could shape services and products to individuals


    An academic at UWE Bristol is part of a new research project to create a physical personal digital repository that will record and hold data on both a person's digital footprint and the physical patterns of their daily home life. The repository is owned by the individual (much like money in our banks) and could be used to trade and shape future services and products to individuals. The research is led by WMG at the University of Warwick.

  • Shifting Gears: Making cycling a policy priority for health and sustainability


    Institute for Sustainability, Health and Environment conference

    This national one-day conference responds to the new opportunities created by the changing policy landscape for cycling in the UK and the challenge of increasing population levels of physical activity.

    It brings together professionals, policy makers and academics to explore the interface between research and the radical shifts in policy, culture and 'infrastructure' provision that are required to support the large-scale uptake of cycling for transport and leisure. By drawing on evidence from research and practice, the conference will explore the benefits of cycling for health and sustainability and the role that public health, built environment and sustainability sectors can play in bringing about wholesale change in the cycling culture of the UK.

  • Tasty tie-up between UWE and The Bart Ingredient Company aims to increase product range


    A new partnership signed between UWE Bristol and Bristol-based company The Bart Ingredient Company will lead to a wider product range, more efficient manufacturing and improved stock control.

    The government supported Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is worth £120,000 over a two-year period. KTPs involve a three-way link-up between a company, a University and a recent graduate to undertake a specific project.

  • Digital music: 28% is pirated - how the industry can fight back


    New research estimates that 28% of digital music world-wide is pirated using illegal file-sharing. The findings shed light on financial difficulties in the music industry experienced by companies such as HMV.

    Recently published results from ten countries showed the level of illegal downloads ranged from 14% in Germany to 44% in Spain.

  • UWE student wins World Junior Squash Championships, El Shorbagy brothers have won title four times in five years


    Two Egyptian Business students from UWE Bristol, Marwan and Mohamed El Shorbagy, are the first brothers in sports history to win the title of World Junior Squash Champion.

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