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  • Why do people in later life give up cycling? Get involved with Cycle BOOM research project


    In some parts of the UK cycling is booming. Nevertheless people aged 65+ make only 1 per cent of all journeys by bike compared with 9 per cent in Germany.

    Researchers from the Centre for Transport and Society at UWE Bristol are studying the practice, experience and impact of cycling past the age of fifty in a project called Cycle BOOM.

  • Leader of UWE Bristol sponsored project wins the world's largest environmental prize


    Howard Wood, chairman of the Community of Arran Seabed Trust(COAST) will be awarded a prestigious Goldman | Environmental Prize for Europe at a ceremony on Monday 20 April in San Francisco, USA. The Goldman Prize is the world's largest environmental award recognising grassroots environmental achievement and is a huge international honour.

  • Massive marine reserve announced in Budget


    In today's budget speech [18 March 2015] the coalition government announced its intention to designate the world's largest marine reserve around Pitcairn Islands. This puts the UK close to presiding over the largest amount of fully protected waters on Earth. America is currently ahead by a few thousand square kilometres after the creation of the extended Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument reserve by President Obama last summer. The UK will now have 1.49m square kilometres of fully protected reserves, compared with the US on 1.57m sq kilometres post this Pitcairn announcement.

  • Alliance universities securing the future of UK research through collaboration and connectivity


    Excellent research carried out by UWE Bristol will be showcased in a new campaign launched by University Alliance today.

    The resource – which can be found at – contains more than 60 impact case studies submitted by Alliance universities to the REF 2014 exercise.

  • UWE's world-leading research increases by 170%


    The volume of world-leading research at UWE Bristol (the University of the West of England, Bristol) has gone up by 170%, according to the results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 out today.

  • How can we change urban society for the better? UWE Bristol leadership expert to reveal in new book


    Cities are often seen as helpless victims in a global flow of events and many view growing inequality in cities as inevitable. In a new book, Leading the Inclusive City: Place-based Innovation for a Bounded Planet, published by Policy Press, Robin Hambleton, Professor of City Leadership in the Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments at UWE Bristol rejects this gloomy prognosis.

  • Leadership and the city: how an elected mayor has improved visibility


    Having a directly elected mayor in Bristol has led to a huge increase in the visibility of leadership in the city, according to a unique study which has gauged public opinion before and after the creation of the new mayoral system.

  • UWE seminars input into national 'nudge' policies on obesity, sustainability and online security


    UWE Bristol is bringing together top national speakers, researchers and policy makers in a new approach to explore ways of tackling major societal issues like obesity.

    The next in a series of nine seminars on behaviour change organised by UWE's Bristol Social Marketing Centre is being held in London on 11 September. It will focus on obesity, food and physical activity.

  • Leading the Green City: An international exchange


    12 September 2014 12.30-14.00, The Watershed, Bristol.

    This free public event, which forms part of the preparations for Bristol 2015: European Green Capital, will provide international insights from some of the most progressive cities in the world. Focussing on the role of local leaders, working in and outside government, it highlights how significant and radical change can be achieved.

  • High-quality traffic-free routes encourage more walking and cycling


    New study finds overall physical activity is increased by proximity to routes

    The provision of new, high-quality, traffic-free cycling and walking routes in local communities has encouraged more people to get about by foot and by bike, according to a new study published today in the American Journal of Public Health.

  • UWE Bristol award Honorary Degree to John Pontin


    UWE Bristol awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science to John Pontin in recognition of his contribution in the field of sustainable development.

  • Final places for Feeding Tomorrow's City


    There are just a few places left for an exciting conference that will take place on May 6th to set the agenda on planning for good food. It's not always obvious, but good 'Planning' is a key ingredient in good food for all. In the past planning decisions have led to cities with out-of-town hypermarkets, flats with cramped kitchens, schools without gardens, producers without markets, and prime farmland paved with tarmac. Cities have become places that make it difficult to get good food for people - and food that is good for the planet. A fresh approach is needed to connect food, health and planning in the urban environment.

  • Cities of Health international conference announced


    Planning is now underway for Cities of Health, the first international conference of its kind responding to key issues of health and sustainability in the built environment. Drawing in speakers and delegates from across Europe and beyond, the focus is on cities as a test bed for addressing two related global imperatives: the rise in health inequalities and lifestyle disease, whilst reducing our environmental and energy footprints.

    Timed to coincide with the year of Bristol European Green Capital, the conference will take place between 13 - 17th October 2015

  • Films from Influence, Implement, Engage HEA Seminar now available


    The individual contributions to the HEA Education for Sustainable Development seminar back in November are now available on the UWE YouTube channel at:

  • UWE Bristol and ETE Teachers invite schools to explore impact of South West Storms


    The UK is currently experiencing its wettest winter on record, with strong winds also battering the country. The South West of England has been worst affected by the storms and persistent rain, with the MET Office reporting that the South of England has experienced one of the most exceptional periods of winter rainfall in at least 248 years. This unusual rainfall combined with strong winds of around 60-80mph, and high spring tides have resulted in high water levels and huge waves causing coastal flooding and damage to the coastline.

    UWE Bristol and Education Through Expeditions (ETE) are inviting schools from across the South West and the UK to join in with an online discussion and debate about the recent storms, and to evaluate their environmental and economic impact.

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