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  • UWE Bristol joins forces with BIME to improve life for people with disabilities


    UWE Bristol and the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) have recently announced a partnership bringing together UWE's expertise in information technology and medical engineering with BIME's practical experience of working with people who have healthcare problems. The five-year research project will develop smart technologies to support the health and wellbeing within a home environment.

  • European robots to compete in outdoor challenges


    A new EU initiative will create an exciting new Grand Challenge for intelligent search and rescue robots.

    euRathlon, is a three year project, funded by the European Commission, led by Professor Alan Winfield of UWE Bristol, with seven European partners.

    Three competitions will see teams of robots and their designers go head to head in a series of demanding outdoor scenarios that mimic the real challenges of a disaster situation.

  • UWE Bristol offers 3D printing to all students


    UWE Bristol is leading the way amongst UK universities by making 3D printing technology available to all students by locating a 3D printer in the main university library.

    It is believed to be the first 3D printer in an academic library in the UK. The new initiative is made possible through a donation from 3D Systems Limited.

    3D print technology, also known as additive layer manufacturing, is a rapidly developing technology with applications in manufacturing, engineering and academic research. It is sometimes available to university students on relevant courses – such as creative product design or engineering courses. For example UWE Bristol already has 3D printers within the Faculty of Technology and in the leading Centre for Fine Print Research.

  • Intelligent 3D image technology could enable targeted out-of-home advertising


    Directed advertising is common in online shopping and in social media but is not currently an option in the out-of-home digital environment due to the technical challenges involved.

  • puts depth back into robot reporting


    A new website, created and written by leading thinkers and experts in robotics, aims to give an in depth and balanced perspective on reporting of robotics in the popular media.

    Through thoughtful articles and commentaries explores the wider impacts of robots and robotics on society. Each report is written by a robotics expert in direct response to an article published in the popular media.

  • UWE Bristol awards honorary degree to Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Said


    UWE Bristol will award the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration to Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Said.

  • Robotics set to 'revolutionise the UK economy in the next 20 years'


    Britain's desire to be at the forefront of robotics research has been reinforced by universities minister David Willetts, who saw world-leading technology when he visited the Bristol Robotics Lab yesterday [Monday, 12 November].

  • New UWE Bristol mobile App gets rave reviews


    The new App launched recently by UWE Bristol is already getting five star reviews from the Apple® App Store℠. After a softly, softly launch earlier this summer the UWE Mobile App is proving popular amongst students and will be of enormous interest to prospective applicants who need to learn more about the university.

  • Unique fusion of art and science makes its London premiere


    An exciting fusion of real-time supercomputing, interactive quantum dynamics, generative music and dance will make its London premier over the weekend of November 3 and 4 at the Barbican Arts Centre.

    Meet danceroom Spectroscopy (dS), part interactive art installation, part immersive science experience, part large-scale video game, part dance performance, and part musical instrument.

  • Fastest car and robots inspire UWE Bristol's latest ad campaign


    UWE Bristol has launched an exciting new advertising campaign to highlight the University to prospective students in the region.

  • World's first 'before and after' study of the impact of a Directly Elected Mayor


    What impact will a Directly Elected Mayor have on the way Bristol is governed? A team of experts from Bristol's two universities will examine the difference that the introduction of a Directly Elected Mayor will make in what is believed to be a 'world first' in urban studies.

  • UWE Bristol software helped to detect God particle


    UWE Bristol experts working in complex software systems development created the software used to help CERN's CMS group detect the God particle in the world's biggest scientific experiment.

  • EMMY nomination for UWE Bristol sound expert


    UWE Bristol lecturer Martyn Harries has been nominated for an EMMY at the forthcoming annual awards in October for his sound work on the BBC Natural History Unit documentary 'Madagascar'. The nomination is shared with the score composer Sarah Class.

  • Visitors wear digital 'capes' to create sound in new installation


    Visitors to an interactive sound installation, Tracking You at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Digital Design Weekend, 22-23 September [2012], will be invited to put on capes featuring the latest real-time location systems technology. When they move around the installation sounds will be generated as a result of their location in relation to other visitors. The Digital Design Weekend last year attracted over 7,300 visitors.

  • UWE Bristol researchers develop virtual consulting room to help doctors' spot early signs of cancer


    An on-line virtual patient simulation called GP Sim, designed to help GPs learn more about the early signs of cancer, has been applauded by doctors at trial stage. The impact of this tool is likely to be significant following recent concerns voiced by Cancer UK and reported in the media about delayed cancer diagnosis.

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