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  • Study launched to investigate whether paramedics can ease GP workload


    The READY study, launched today, will evaluate how paramedics support GPs and whether they can help reduce GP workloads.

  • UWE Bristol awards an honorary degree to Enid Smith


    Enid Smith has been awarded the Honorary Degree of Master of Science in recognition of her contribution to health and social care education.

  • New research could help would-be A&E attendees


    New research funded by the British Red Cross and carried out by UWE Bristol (the University of the West of England) and the University of Bristol aims to discover what information will help people know what to do and where to go when a person is unwell.

  • More emotional support needed for children dealing with traumatic distress following injury


    The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) is one of the partners in a major study about child traumatic stress and providing emotional support to children admitted to hospital after injury. Dr Mark Lyttle from UWE Bristol contributed to the study lead by Monash University in Australia.

  • Obese 4-5 year olds likely to remain overweight throughout their primary school life


    A new study, published in The Journal of Public Health which examined changes in BMI* in children aged 4-11 years, found that that the number of obese children approximately doubles between the first and last years of primary school and that children who are obese when they start school are likely to continue to be overweight by the time they leave for secondary school.

  • Children and young people to get more say in their health care


    The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has been chosen as one of seven new sites to develop Patient Centred Outcome Measures (POCMs) by NHS England. The new centres will mean that children and young people will play a more active role in deciding which outcomes are important to them.

  • UWE's world-leading research increases by 170%


    The volume of world-leading research at UWE Bristol (the University of the West of England, Bristol) has gone up by 170%, according to the results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 out today.

  • How can we improve the way we communicate with people diagnosed with Alzheimer's?


    A professor from the University of the West of England is seeking participants for a survey that aims to inform and eventually improve how the diagnosis of dementia is communicated.

    The study is led by UWE Bristol, working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Southampton, and is funded by the Alzheimer's Society.

  • Prostate Cancer UK and UWE team up to offer online prostate cancer care advice for health professionals


    UWE Bristol and Prostate Cancer UK have launched a new online, interactive learning resource for healthcare professionals working with prostate cancer patients, to help them support men living with and after the disease.

    Through the resource healthcare professionals will be able to access virtual patient scenarios on a range of key subjects, from supporting men through erectile dysfunction and sex after prostate cancer, to end of life care. These scenarios have been developed within UChoose, a platform for interactive case-based learning created by UWE.

  • Out of this world – UWE Bristol Physiotherapy graduate secures internship at the European Space Agency


    Rosalind West, a newly qualified BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy graduate from UWE Bristol has recently returned from putting her skills to the test, as part of the Space Medicine Office Team, on a prestigious three month internship at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Cologne, Germany.

  • Two UWE Bristol researchers amongst world's leading scientific minds


    Two scientists from the University of the West of England have been listed in a report called 'Highly Cited Researchers 2014' that highlights 3,200 of the world's leading scientific minds.

  • Stool samples provide marker for bowel disease


    A novel method for distinguishing different types of bowel disease using the stool samples of patients has been created by a group of researchers from UWE Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary and the University of Liverpool.

  • Ethics of routine treatment to pregnant women questioned


    Routine treatment given to pregnant women who have a RhD negative blood group is being questioned on ethical grounds in a recent report published in Biomedical Central.

    A group of researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust are calling for an ethical review in light of developments that enable clinicians to detect the blood group of the foetus which may be the same as that of the mother.

  • Final places for Feeding Tomorrow's City


    There are just a few places left for an exciting conference that will take place on May 6th to set the agenda on planning for good food. It's not always obvious, but good 'Planning' is a key ingredient in good food for all. In the past planning decisions have led to cities with out-of-town hypermarkets, flats with cramped kitchens, schools without gardens, producers without markets, and prime farmland paved with tarmac. Cities have become places that make it difficult to get good food for people - and food that is good for the planet. A fresh approach is needed to connect food, health and planning in the urban environment.

  • Cities of Health international conference announced


    Planning is now underway for Cities of Health, the first international conference of its kind responding to key issues of health and sustainability in the built environment. Drawing in speakers and delegates from across Europe and beyond, the focus is on cities as a test bed for addressing two related global imperatives: the rise in health inequalities and lifestyle disease, whilst reducing our environmental and energy footprints.

    Timed to coincide with the year of Bristol European Green Capital, the conference will take place between 13 - 17th October 2015

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