Global Living Film Festival 2006

Issue date: 08 March 2006

Visual from Room Service for Bombed out Buildings On 18 March 2006, the Global Occupational Therapy Society (GOTS) will present the Global Living Film Festival 2006. The event is to be held at the Cube Cinema, Bristol and supported by the Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England (UWE).

The festival aims to raise the profile of occupational therapy by capturing people's imagination through film, and using it as platform for debate and as an opportunity for people to find out about occupational therapy.

Menah Raven-Ellison, festival organiser and president of GOTS said, “This is an exciting opportunity for people to find out more about occupational therapy as a health profession. OTs work all over the world in a wide range of scenarios from disaster and war zones to palliative care and community settings. These brilliant films will give an insight into the people and settings within which occupational therapists work. But, if you enjoy cinema and have no interest in OT, still come along, it will be a great night!”

The films are by professional and student filmmakers and deal with global issues affecting people on local and global scales, such as Tsunami, HIV/AIDS, conflict and displacement. Guest occupational therapists will also be present to speak about their experiences of working in settings evoked through the films.

Starting at 19.00 the event is free to members of the public. Tickets need to be booked before hand from the GOTS website There will be limited tickets available on the door. The cinema has a capacity of 105 seats.

Contact Menah Raven-Ellison on 07973 31 9767/01635 86 2962 or e-mail for further details, interviews and press tickets.


Editors notes:

Photo available taken from Room Service for Bombed out Buildings by Dionis Escorsa.

Further information of GOTS, The Cube Cinema and Occupational Therapy from:
Global Occupational Therapy Society
The Cube Cinema
The College of Occupational Therapy

The screenings list
Drowned Out(75 mins)
Spanner Films

The Only Clown in the Village(27 mins)
Paul O' Connor

Nyumbani (15 mins)
Peter Linneman

Stacked (4 mins)
Martin Orton & Greg Villalobos

Room Service for Bombed out Buildings (27 mins)
Dionis Escorsa

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