Our International Talent summer internship scheme is now open

Issue date: 05 February 2019

Our international talent summer internship scheme is a great opportunity for EU and international students to gain career-building experiences whilst in the UK.

Employer advice

We interviewed some of our internship employers from last year's internships and here's some key advice for you:

How can international students demonstrate they are work ready to an internship employer?

Look at their organisation, do some research, try and understand what they are trying to achieve. If they have a website, trawl all of it and get as much information as possible beforehand.

What skills do employers in the UK value most in international students?

I think having adaptability and using your initiative is very important when you are fitting into an organisation for the first time and for a short period. You won't be given long-term project tasks or jobs that then create more follow-up work that might not have someone to step into your shoes. You need to look at where you think they are lacking and see if you can do a short project that might help. Try to be confident and put your ideas forward, and ask for regular feedback on what you are doing, daily if possible. Be really KEEN!

What is the one thing you think international students can do that will improve their job prospects in the UK?

Start thinking about your CV, make it varied, show you have interests outside of your studies, get plenty of part-time work experience under your belt.

Student feedback

Hear first-hand how last year's students got on during their internships:

"My internship has not only helped me gain more confidence in my personal skills but also technical skills. As an international student, it is an amazing opportunity to learn, a fantastic opportunity to develop and would be a good foundation for my future career."

"Through this internship, I have not only developed my skills in video editing, filming, and proper communication with the client, but I have also gained confidence in those skills as well. This internship has opened up career opportunities for me."

"I was fortunate as there were a variety of roles to be played during my period as an intern. Amongst them I worked as a researcher. Various documents had to be prepared, such as pamphlets and product schedules. The skills gained from this role will definitely benefit my career in the future as researching skill forms the basis of work as a Barrister."

"Being an intern for this company was an amazing opportunity. It not only helped me to improve my personal strengths but also overcome my weakness. Working in the Sale and Marketing department provided me the understanding of the core grow benefits of a start-up company. It also provided me the opportunity to improve time management and communication skills."

Next steps

Visit our International Talent webpages, check our FAQs, decide which companies you'd like to apply to work for, subscribe to regular updates via Infohub, update your CV and apply!

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