Timetable tab (for staff)

If you are a student, see our Timetable guidance.

The Timetable tab on staff MYUWE will be visible to members of staff who are on the SyllabusPlus database.

example screenshot of a timetable in grid view

Missing or incorrect timetable data

If you believe that you are in the SyllabusPlus database but you do not see a timetable tab in MYUWE, or if you see the tab but believe the timetable shown has missing or incorrect data, please contact your College timetabler or Central Timetabling.

Printing timetables

Printing depends on individual PC and browser settings. If your results do not print successfully, for example, columns have dropped off the page, try the following:

  1. Change the page orientation
    Select 'File', then 'Page setup' on your browser and change the orientation to 'landscape'
  2. Reduce the margins
    Select 'File', then 'Page setup' on your browser and reduce the left and right margins to zero
  3. Change the zoom options
    Select 'File', then 'Print Preview' on your browser and change the 'Zoom' from 'Shrink to Fit' to a percentage (for example, 60%)

Timetable layout

There are two possible layouts for your timetable, either 'Grid', which is the default, or 'List'. Both layouts will show the day, the start and end time, the activity, the module, the type of activity and the room details. However, the 'List' view will also display the names of staff attached to the activity.

To see your timetable, set the 'Week(s)', 'Day(s)' and 'Start/End Time' options and then select the 'Change View' button. The timetable for the period selected will then be displayed.

You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to view all of your timetable.


For information on the iCalendar feed for UWE Bristol timetables, please see our iCalendar guidance.

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