Student registration information supplied to the Students' Union

This is a list of information UWE will share with the Studentsí Union.

The list of information UWE will share with the Studentsí Union
Item Description
1. Student number Your UWE Student Number
2. Forenames Your first, or given, names
3. Surname Your family name
4. Gender  
5. Date of birth  
6. Nationality  
7. Mobile telephone number If you have provided one
8. Alternative e-mail address If you have provided one
9. UWE e-mail address  
10. Term address Your term address, postcode and telephone number if you have provided one. If you have not provided a term address we will use your home address, postcode and telephone number.
11. Term postcode
12. Term telephone number
13. Term accommodation type For example: your own home, your parent or guardian home, rented accommodation (UWE or private)
14. Course name The name of the course(s) on which you are registered - you may have more than one course name
15. Study mode This is the mode of attendance for you on your course - for example: Sandwich, Full-time, Part-time.
16. Level of study For example: Undergraduate degree, Postgraduate degree etc.
17. Registration Status Provisionally registered, Fully registered
18. Faculty name The faculty in which your course is taught - you may have more than one faculty
19. Campus of study This is the UWE campus where most of your teaching takes place

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