Registration blocks and solutions

You may be blocked from registering online. The most common issues include:

Required Data Missing

This error will appear if we are missing data about you. All UK universities have a legal and statutory duty to collect and return information about our students. We also collect information to help us support you during your studies. The data is used and stored in accordance with the UWE Bristol Terms and Conditions. Our Student Privacy Notice explains how we use your data.

If you have prevented from registering because required data is missing, we may be missing one of the following:

  • Ethnicity or ethnic background
  • Religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability status
  • Emergency contacts
  • Personal email address


Add the missing information in My info in MYUWE and return to online registration once they have been updated.

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Outstanding Debt

This error will appear if our records show that you have an outstanding debt from your previous registration. You cannot register until the debt has been paid.

You can see the details of this debt in 'My fees and payments' in MYUWE.


You must pay the debt before you can register. More information can be found on our Ways to pay web page.

Once the debt has been paid, you will be able to continue with online registration. This can be within one hour if you pay by credit or debit card. If payment is made by another method, it may be longer before you can register.

If you do not pay your outstanding debt and do not register, you will no longer be a student of the University

If you have a question about the debt, contact the Credit Control team at

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Invalid Registration

You can't proceed with registration.


You should contact us so that the issue can be investigated.

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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and other admissions checks

You can't proceed with online registration because there is an issue with your admissions checks.


Some of our courses require students to complete checks such as DBS or occupational health checks.

If you are trying to register on a course that requires checks and you see this error, you should contact our Admissions team.

If you are trying to register on a course that does not require checks and you see this error, it is likely that there is a problem with your student record that needs to be resolved before you can proceed. Please contact our Registration contacts.

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Other issues

If you can't register, but your issue isn't on this page, please contact us.

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