Reasons you may not be able to register online

This page gives you information about why you may be prevented from registering online, including:

Required Data Missing

When you join UWE Bristol, we collect information that is essential to support you during your time. UWE (and all UK universities) also have a legal and statutory duty to collect and return data about our students, including information to aid diversity monitoring. Please see the Student Privacy Notice for more information about how we use your data.

You will see this message if any of the following information is missing from our records:

  1. Ethnicity
    Ethnicity is information about you that we are required to report to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and it permits them to perform ethnicity-based analysis. The categories are a national classification which allows HESA to compare the Higher Education sector data with other sectors of the UK economy.
  2. Religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity status, disability
    The University collects this data to help us support you throughout your career at UWE Bristol. The data is used and stored in accordance with the UWE Terms and Conditions and particularly section 10 of the Data Protection policy.
  3. Contact in the event of an emergency or serious concerns about your health and wellbeing
  4. Personal email address.
    The data is used and stored in accordance with the UWE Terms and Conditions and particularly section 10 on the Data Protection policy.

  5. You can add these details in the Personal Details channel and return to the Registration channel once they have been recorded.

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Outstanding Debt

Our records show that you have an outstanding debt from your previous registration, and you cannot register this year until the debt has been paid. You can see the details of this debt in the ‘Payments’ tab in myUWE. If you have a query regarding the amount or any other details of the debt, please contact

Please pay using one of the following methods (Finance Services - Ways to Pay):

  • Log in securely to your own University account in myUWE or
  • Make payment via the secure web payment facility in our secure payment site

Once your debt has been cleared, you will be able to continue with your registration. This can be within one hour if you pay by credit/debit card. If payment is made by one of the other methods, clearance will take longer to be reflected in your account, especially during busier periods.

If you do not pay your outstanding debt and do not register, you will no longer be a student of the University and therefore you will not be entitled to:

  • attend lectures or seminars
  • attend professional practice
  • continue your supported placement
  • use the library or computer facilities (including Blackboard)
  • have your work assessed or considered by an examining board
  • receive a hardship loan from the University
  • obtain references or transcripts written by the University

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Invalid Registration

Your registration cannot proceed and you should contact the University so that the issue can be investigated.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and other admissions checks

You cannot proceed with your registration because there is an outstanding issue with your admissions checks and you need to contact the Admissions Office.

For details of the courses affected by this, please see the list of courses subject to DBS checks.

Contact details for the Admissions Office:

Tel: 0117 32 83333

For students in other departments:

If you are trying to register on a course that is not in the list of courses subject to DBS checks, it is likely that there is a problem with your student record and it will need to be resolved before you can proceed. Please contact the University.

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