Protecting your privacy

Simple steps to keep your personal information private and secure.

If you share a computer with other people, there are some simple, basic steps you should take to ensure no-one else can access your personal information. They apply as much to other websites as they do to myUWE, and apply to all shared computers whether in student labs at the University, an internet café or at home.

  1. When you enter your userID and password to log in, you may be asked if you want these details to be saved on the computer. Always select "no"
  2. Never under any circumstances leave the computer unattended and logged in to myUWE - even briefly
  3. When you have finished with myUWE, always log out, making sure you follow any instructions you receive on doing so
  4. When you have finished working on the computer, always log out or shut down
  5. Do not share your userID and passwords with anyone else
  6. Do not allow other people to use your myUWE
  7. If you suspect someone else may have learnt your password, change it immediately (see below)
  8. Make a habit of changing your password on a regular basis (see below)

Changing my UWE password

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