My Details tab: ID Photo subtab

Selecting the My Details tab will take you to the My Details section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see five subtabs: Personal Details, ID Photo, Addresses, Car Parking and Documents.

example screenshot of the My Details subtabs with ID Photo selected

ID Photo

What is ID Photo?

The UWE ID Photo facility allows new students to request a UWE ID Card online by uploading a suitable photograph.

Existing students who already have a UWE ID Card can also upload a new photograph here.

The photo upload function provides the ability to zoom and crop the photograph so that it fits the required size. It also includes facial detection software to ensure only photographs of full human faces are submitted.

The processing of this personal data is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 as explained in the Terms and Conditions (opens in new window) of your registration at the University.

Your photographs will be used only for legitimate identification purposes connected with your studies, health and safety, student accommodation and security, and will not be disclosed to any third party.

If you are unable to use the photo upload facility please e-mail

Our Requirements

Your photo must be:

  • recent
  • in colour
  • of your full head, facing forward
  • without hat/cap, glasses or head covering (unless worn for religious belief or medical reasons)
  • taken against a light background
  • at least 293 pixels wide by 328 pixels high
  • no larger than 10MB in file size
  • of one of the following file formats:
    • .jpg
    • .png (up to 24 bit)

New students

When a new student enters the ID Photo subtab they will have the option to ‘Upload a photo’ to request a UWE ID Card online.

  1. Select the ‘Upload a photo’ button and the ‘Choose your new photo’ page will be displayed
  2. Select ‘Browse’ to locate your photo file on your computer and then select ‘Open’
  3. Select ‘Upload’ and the ‘Crop your photo’ page will be displayed
  4. Your photograph will appear in an example UWE ID card.
  5. If you need to rotate your image, use the ‘Rotate photo’ button. Adjust the image to fit within the borders. To complete select ‘Crop Photo'. To cancel select the ‘Start Again’ button, or to go back to the ‘Crop photo’ page select the ‘Crop photo’ link.
  6. To continue with the upload select ‘Use this Photo’.

example screenshot showing the Crop Photo page with the guide mask

Once an application has been submitted, you cannot start another application until your UWE ID Card has been created.

When do I get my UWE ID Card?

Students will receive their Student ID card as follows:

  • Students living in UWE Bristol accommodation at Frenchay: cards will be available from your accommodation reception.
  • Students studying at other colleges/institutions: cards will be available from that college/institution.
  • All other students:  cards will be posted to a UK home address (up to 3 weeks before the start date of the course) and, after that time, to a UK term time address.  If a student does not have a term address we will keep their card until the address is added in myUWE.

I want to change my photograph

Once you have a UWE ID Card, you can go into the ID Photo subtab at any time and upload a new photograph.

Your current photograph will be displayed on the initial ‘Your UWE ID photo’ page. Follow the steps above to upload a new photo.

Uploading a replacement photograph does not produce a new UWE ID Card.

The photograph shown in the ID Photo subtab will be used in staff systems such as the Student Record system.

I want to order a new ID Card

If you have lost or broken your existing UWE ID Card, you can order a replacement card for free by following the UWE Online Store link on the ‘Your UWE ID photo’ page.

example screenshot hightlighting the UWE Online Store link

The replacement card will use the photograph which is uploaded at the point of ordering.

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