My info: My details

The My details section of My info in MYUWE contains your personal information.

Change my personal details

You are able to edit some of these details by selecting 'Edit my details':

  • Title: You can choose Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms or Mx. If you have a different title that you would like us to use, contact us.
  • Preferred first name: You can add a first name that you want to be known by. We try to use this name unless it is documentation that requires your full legal name. We are working hard to use your preferred name in all our systems.
  • Mobile number: must be a valid UK or international telephone number. If you do not have a mobile number, check the 'I don't have a mobile number' checkbox.
  • SMS opt-out: if you have a UK mobile number saved, you will receive emergency texts in exceptional circumstances such as site closure. You may also receive specific notifications by text, such as lecture cancellations, room changes, and module choice deadlines. We will never send you marketing texts. To opt out of these notifications, uncheck the box. We will not text students with international mobile phone numbers. The Students' Union has its own text messaging service which is independent from UWE Bristol. To find out more, visit The Students' Union at UWE website.
  • Personal email
  • Impairment, health condition or learning difference: if you have selected an impairment, health condition or learning difference, email your medical evidence to if you have not done so already. You can find out more on our Disability support web pages.
  • Ethnicity or ethnic background
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Transgender status

You are not able to change any of the following details in MYUWE. If they are incorrect, contact us.

  • Surname
  • Given name(s)
  • Initials
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • UWE student number
  • Certificate name: If you can see unusual characters in your Certificate name, it may be as a result of your browser and the way it displays some character sets.
  • Nationality
  • Student support number (SLC or SAAS number)
  • Disability allowance: if the information we hold about your disability allowance is incorrect, make an appointment with the Disability Service at one of our Information Points.

Reasonable adjustments

We have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to make sure disabled students are not disadvantaged. If you need reasonable adjustments, you must apply as soon as possible, and well in advance of the exam period.

Any reasonable adjustments to exams and teaching will be shown in this section. Reasonable adjustments to deadlines and some other reasonable adjustments, such as access to support workers, will not be shown here.

For more information on the types of support available, see our Disability support web pages. If you would like to discuss this in more depth, you can make an appointment at one of our Information Points.

If these adjustments in this section are not correct, use our Online enquiry form.

Alumni network

When you complete your course, you will become a member of the UWE Bristol Alumni network and some of your personal information will be shared with the Alumni team. This information will be processed by UWE Bristol in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Find more information on the Alumni web pages.

My emergency contacts

In an emergency, for example if you're seriously ill or involved in an accident, we may reach out to your trusted emergency contact. This is normally with your permission. This helps us reduce the potential risks and to enhance the support available to you.

You must enter details of at least one person who we can contact.

We will use your emergency contacts in the order they are shown on MYUWE, starting with the contact listed first. Please keep your details up to date.

Add an emergency contact

To add an emergency contact, select 'Edit my emergency contacts'. In the new window, find the 'Contacts in the Event of an Emergency' section and select 'Add new contact'. Add a name and phone number.

Change an emergency contact

You can edit your emergency contacts by selecting 'Edit' in the Action column, and then selecting the 'Go' button. If you have more than one contact listed, you will also have the option to 'Move up' or 'Move down' that contact in the list, or 'Remove' the contact.

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