My Details tab: ID Photo subtab

Selecting the My Details tab will take you to the My Details section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see five subtabs: Personal Details, ID Photo, Addresses, Car Parking and Documents.

example screenshot of the My Details subtabs with ID Photo selected

ID Photo

What is ID Photo?

The UWE ID Photo facility allows new students to request a UWE ID Card online by uploading a suitable photograph.

Existing students who already have a UWE ID Card can also upload a new photograph here.

It is important you upload a photo even if we do not produce a UWE ID card for class photosets, but these students will not be able to change the photo once it has been uploaded. This includes Hartpury students and some UWE Federation colleges.

The photo upload function provides the ability to zoom and crop the photograph so that it fits the required size. It also includes facial detection software to ensure only photographs of full human faces are submitted.

You may be prompted to use the UWE ID Photo facility at the end of the Online Registration process.

The processing of this personal data is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 as explained in the Terms and Conditions (opens in new window) of your registration at the University.

The photographs will be used only for legitimate identification purposes connected with your studies, health and safety, student accommodation and security, and will not be disclosed to any third party. The ID Photo facility is in no way a social networking tool and no other students will be able to see the photograph you upload.

In exceptional circumstances, if you are not able to use the photo upload facility, you may download a UWE ID Card application form to which you can attach a printed passport-style photo. Note that once you choose to download the form the photo upload option will no longer be available and the production of your card may be delayed.

Our Requirements

To ensure that the photograph you submit online is acceptable, please make sure that it meets the following requirements:

The photograph must be:

  • recent
  • in colour
  • of your full head, facing forward
  • without hat/cap, glasses or head covering (unless worn for religious belief or medical reasons)
  • taken against a light background
  • at least 293 pixels wide by 328 pixels high
  • no larger than 10MB in file size
  • of one of the following file formats:
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .gif
    • .png

Some examples of acceptable and unacceptable photographs can be seen in a pdf file available from the Passport Office website (opens in new window).

Further examples of unacceptable photographs

It is likely that these photographs would be rejected for the reasons stated:

Face too small Face too close Background too busy Too much facial expression
example image where the face is too small example image where the face is too close example image where the background is too busy example image where there is too much facial expression

Please Note: If you upload and submit a photograph which does not meet our requirements, you will be charged for a replacement UWE ID Card.

New students

When a new student enters the ID Photo subtab they will see a standard ‘shadow’ image and will have the option to ‘Upload a photo’ to request a UWE ID Card online.

example screenshot showing the ID Photo subtab

  1. Select the ‘Upload a photo’ button and the ‘Choose your new photo’ page will be displayed
  2. Select ‘Browse’ to locate your photo file on your computer and then select ‘Open’
  3. Select ‘Upload’ and the ‘Crop your photo’ page will be displayed
  4. Your photograph will appear on the left with crop handles and also in an example UWE ID card with a ‘guide mask’.
  5. If you need to rotate your image, use the ‘Rotate photo’ button.
  6. Use the crop handles to adjust the image to fit within the ‘guide mask’. You can also click and drag the image to move it into position.
  7. Once you are happy with the image, select ‘Crop Photo’ which will initiate the facial detection check. If the software believes that there is not a full face in the upload, you will get a warning message telling you so. If you choose to continue with the upload and a UWE ID card is created with an unacceptable photograph, you may be charged for a replacement card.
  8. To cancel select the ‘Start Again’ button, or to go back to the ‘Crop photo’ page select the ‘Crop photo’ link from the breadcrumb across the top.
  9. To continue with the upload select ‘Use this Photo’.

example screenshot showing the Crop Photo page with the guide mask

Please note: Once an application has been submitted, whether it be online or paper, you cannot start another application until your UWE ID Card has been created. This means that students for whom we do not produce a UWE ID card will not be able to upload new photos. This includes Hartpury students and those based at some UWE Federation colleges.

When do I get my UWE ID Card?

If you attend a Registration Event and your card is ready for collection, you will be able to collect it at that event.

If you do not attend the Registration Event or the card is not ready, you will receive an e-mail from your Information Point to your UWE e-mail address asking you to collect it.

Please Note: When you collect your UWE ID Card you will need to provide a form of photographic identification such as a valid passport or a valid photographic driver’s licence. This is so that your faculty can verify that the photo you provided is your true identity and meets our requirements.

Only the following forms of photographic ID are acceptable to issue your UWE ID Card:

  • Passport
  • UK Driving License
  • EU/Swiss Identity Card

If the photograph is not acceptable, your UWE ID Card will not be issued.

I want to change my photograph

Once you have a UWE ID Card, you can go into the ID Photo subtab at any time and upload a new photograph of yourself.
Please note that students for whom we do not produce a UWE ID card will not be able to change their photo. This includes Hartpury and some UWE Federation colleges.

The current photograph that UWE Bristol holds will be displayed on the initial ‘Your UWE ID photo’ page. Follow the steps above to upload a new photo.

Please note: Uploading a replacement photograph does not initiate a new UWE ID Card.

Please note: The photograph shown in the ID Photo subtab will be used in staff systems such as the Student Record system and class photosets. This is not a social networking tool and no other students will be able to see the photograph you upload.

I want to order a new ID Card

If you have lost your existing UWE ID Card, you can order a replacement by following the UWE Online Store link on the initial ‘Your UWE ID photo’ page.

example screenshot hightlighting the UWE Online Store link

The replacement card will use the photograph which is uploaded at the point of ordering. If you have uploaded a photograph that does not meet our requirements, you will be charged again for another replacement card to be issued.

If you have broken your existing UWE ID Card, take the broken card to the Information Point at your campus of study and complete an Application for a Replacement Card; Information Point staff will then process the application and inform you by e-mail when your replacement card is ready for collection.

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