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My documents in MYUWE My info is where you access your personalised documents. The documents available will depend on your award record.

The personalised documents currently available are:

Council Tax certificate

Full-time students can print a Council Tax certificate from MYUWE to prove they are exempt from Council Tax. The certificate includes a unique hyperlink that councils can use to verify that MYUWE created the certificate.


If you meet the government criteria, you should be able to produce a council tax certificate.

Some students in our School of Health and Social Wellbeing who are eligible for a Council Tax Certificate will not have it available in MYUWE.

You can find more information about eligibility on the UWE Bristol certificates page.

If you believe you meet the requirements and cannot download a certificate, contact us through the Council tax query form.

Student status letter

If you need to prove your student status at UWE Bristol to a third party, you can download a letter in MYUWE.

If you need the letter to be officially stamped or signed by UWE Bristol, contact an Information Point.

You should not use a MYUWE student status letter for immigration or visa purposes, or Council Tax exemption.


Most students can download a student status letter. If you cannot download a letter, contact an Information Point.

Postgraduate research students

If you are a postgraduate research student, contact the Graduate School to request a student status letter. Find the contact details on the Graduate School web page.

School of Health and Social Care students

Students registered on the BSc (Hons) Midwifery 78 week course (B711A) will not be able to produce a student status letter. Students registered on this award should request a student status letter from an Information Point.

Bank letter

To open a UK bank account, you may need a UWE Bristol bank letter.

Different banks may need different documents to open an account, but they all need to verify who you are and where you live. Check with your chosen bank for further information.

For study abroad students, banks may accept a standard student status letter which is available from MYUWE. Check with your chosen bank.

See our banking and finances web page for more information.


You will be able to download a UWE Bristol bank letter if:

  • you are eligible to register or have registered on an award
  • both your UK term time and international residential addresses are on MYUWE.

If you believe you meet the criteria but cannot download a letter, contact an Information Point.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR is an electronic report about your academic achievements and extracurricular activities during your time at UWE Bristol.

Read on our HEAR web page.


Your HEAR applies each award for which you have, or have had a registration at UWE. You can download a PDF for each eligible award.

When you complete your studies, your HEAR must be downloaded within 42 days of confirmation of your award (the final exam board date). It is not possible to produce a copy of your HEAR once this deadline has passed.

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