Looking for Marks and Results?

Modules & Marks

The Modules & Marks tab will show details of all your current and previous module enrolments.

Current module enrolments may show unconfirmed marks that your Student Administration team has entered into the student records system. They are subject to approval by the relevant Field and Award Board and it is possible that they may be amended up or down.

For advice on how to use the Modules & Marks tab please see our Modules & Marks guidance.

Awards & Results

Your results are shown in the Awards & Results tab. The publication date for results varies, depending on the date of the Award Board. If you have results that are scheduled to be agreed at a meeting of an examining board in the near future you should be able to see the expected publication date of the relevant meeting - at the top of the page there will be a drop-down of scheduled meetings which shows the meeting and the publication date. Once this date is reached you should be able to see results for this meeting by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Final results are published following the Award Board and it is this final publication date which triggers the period from which any formal applications for review (aka Academic appeals), under Appendix H2 of the Academic Regulations and Procedures, can be initiated. The investigation of an application for review cannot commence until the business of the Award Board is concluded and the final results published.

For advice on how to use the Awards & Results tab please see our Awards & Results guidance.

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