Home tab: Welcome subtab

Selecting the Home tab will take you to the Home section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see three subtabs: Welcome, Library and Payments.

screenshot of the welcome, library, Payments and myIdea subtabs

Welcome subtab

After you have successfully logged in you will see the Welcome subtab (the default page of myUWE). You can get back to this page at anytime by selecting the Home tab and welcome subtab, or by selecting the ‘Home’ link in the top right of myUWE.

From the welcome subtab you will be able to access the following:

Quick Links

There are quick links displayed at the top of the Welcome subtab to; Blackboard, UWE e-mail (or ‘UWE staff e-mail’ for staff), Student Services webpage and InfoHub.

example screenshot of the quick links area


The Notifications area currently has five types of Notifications:

  • UWE E-mail link and notification of unread important e-mail from UWE (students only)
  • Personal Tutor Meeting notes reminders (students only)
  • Modules & Marks new marks (students only)

UWE E-mail (students only)

If you have important unread messages in your UWE e-mail inbox, you will see a notification telling you that “You have new important e-mail from UWE’. If you have no unread important e-mails from UWE, the notifications area will display a link to your UWE e-mail.

Personal Tutor Meeting Notes

If you have received Meeting Notes from your Personal Tutor which you have not yet approved, you will see a reminder under Notifications. As soon as you have approved an outstanding meeting note, the reminder will be removed. For advice on approving meeting notes, please see our Personal Tutors guidance.

example screenshot showing a personal tutor notification


If you have any Library fines due; loans overdue or due soon; or reserved items available, you will see a Library notification. Library notifications are available for staff as well as students. A detailed view of your Library account can be found on the Library tab.

example screenshot showing a library notification

Modules & Marks new marks

If you have had unconfirmed marks recently published that you have not yet viewed in your Modules & Marks, you will see a notification. Please note that these notifications are only for unconfirmed marks published in the current week or the previous week and for marks that you have not already viewed.

example screenshot showing a new marks notification

Personal Details

The Personal Details area shows the mobile telephone number and personal email address currently held for you. If these are incorrect please click the ‘Update Personal Details’ button and update these details in the Personal Details channel.

example screenshot of the Personal Details section on the Welcome tab


The Notepad facility allows you to store notes for your personal use - they are not seen by other students or staff. Any saved notes will remain in this area each time you access myUWE.

To add text, start typing in the Notepad and select the ‘Save’ button. To delete text, select the text, use the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard and then select ‘Save’. There is a maximum size to the Notepad of 4096 characters. The remaining space available is shown to the right of the ‘Save’ button.

example screenshot of the notepad

Student Information

Student Information notices are intended to draw your attention to information which is likely to be relevant to the majority of students at the time of year. For more information about services for students please see the Students webpages.

example screenshot of the Student Information area

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