Home tab: Payments subtab

Selecting the Home tab will take you to the Home section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see three subtabs: Welcome, Library and Payments.

screenshot of the welcome, library, Payments and myIdea subtabs

Payments subtab

Under this subtab you will see a summary of your financial position with the University. It contains three sections: Owed by You, Owed by Your Sponsor and Current Payment Arrangements.

example screenshot of the Payment and Fees area

Owed by You

This section includes invoices owed by you and is split into the following headings:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Other

This section includes invoices payable by direct debit or payment plan. It also shows any over payments that may have arisen.

Only invoices that have been processed by the Finance department are included in this summary. You could owe the University other money, such as Library fines that have not yet been invoiced.

All amounts in the due now column must be settled without delay. You can pay all due items online by clicking on the ‘Login to Web Payments’ button. Please note: you will need to login again to the secure payment site using your UWE network username and password (same details as myUWE). Once you have logged in to your web payments all your individual invoices will be displayed.

If you would like to discuss your account then please contact the Income Office (opens in new window).

Owed by Your Sponsor

If you only have one sponsor then the sponsor name will be displayed along with the financial position. If you have more than one sponsor the name will be ‘You have multiple sponsors’.

The financial position of your sponsor/s is for information only. However, if your sponsor does not pay, you may become personally liable.

Current Payment Arrangements

Current payment arrangements include direct debits and card payment plans (often called recurring card payments).

Direct Debits

The current status of your direct debits is displayed. Please ignore this section if you do not need to set-up a direct debit for tuition fees or accommodation fees. A summary line will always be displayed for tuition fees and accommodation fees.

Assuming you have set-up your direct debit and the University has processed your invoice the next payment date and amount will be displayed. If you believe there may be problems collecting the stated amount on the date shown then please contact the Cash Office (opens in new window).

You can create or amend direct debits online (you will need to login using your student number and date of birth). To amend your direct debit you simply need to create a new mandate with the relevant bank details.

Card Payment Plans

Currently, card payment plans can only be set-up for accommodation fees or by request with the Cash Office. If you do not have any card payment plans with the University then no data will be displayed.

Card payment plans work in the same manner as direct debits, although payments are taken from a debit or credit card.

The next payment date and amount is displayed with your payment plan reference number. If you would like to discuss or amend your payment plan then please contact the Cash Office (opens in new window).

The ‘Show Future Payment Arrangements’ link will display all payments due in collection date order. Once displayed the list can simply be hidden by clicking on ‘Hide Future Payment Arrangements’.

Quick links

There are a number of links to Finance resources under the Quick Links heading.

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