myUWE Announcements

You will find myUWE Announcements at the top-left of the myUWE Welcome tab. It allows members of staff to communicate important information to different groupings of myUWE users.

This guide covers both Student and Staff use of announcements:

Student use of Announcements

Students will be able to view announcement information directed to groups that they are a member of.

Screenshot of announcements channel

Beneath the title and posting date of an announcement is the first line of the announcement text. Selecting the announcement title will display the whole of the announcement text.

Screenshot of an opened announcement

The opened announcement will show it’s title, the date it was posted, the text in full, who posted it, and what grouping of myUWE users (of which you are a member) that it was posted to.

Student rep use of Announcements

In order to facilitate an effective communication channel between student reps and their constituents, student reps can publish announcements to all students registered on their award or programme. Only student reps who have attended the appropriate training will be allowed to publish an announcement in myUWE.

This will enable student reps to communicate with constituents about topical issues and to inform them about upcoming meetings of the Student Representative Staff Forums (SRSFs).

Student reps are able to publish only to students who they represent and this will be clear in the list of users when they attempt to add or edit an announcement.

For further guidance on how to publish an announcement in myUWE please follow the guidance from the Announcements Administration Screen onwards.

Staff use of Announcements

The information below relates to staff use of announcements:

Please first consider whether the myUWE Announcement channel is the most appropriate method of communication. For clarification, please see Appropriateness of Announcements in myUWE.

A number of staff have been designated as ‘announcers’ in the portal. Not all staff will automatically be announcers, and only announcers can make new announcements, or edit existing ones.

Those staff designated as announcers will be attached to particular groups in the portal, and can make or edit announcements to those groups (and only those groups).

An attachment can be at the school level, at the primary award level and at the module run where a member of staff has access to publish to the designated group. All attachments are managed by the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team (SAT)in the Academic Records section of Corporate and Academic Services. The section can be contacted by e-mail as follows:

An attachment at school level gives the announcer the ability to publish to all ‘children’ of the school (e.g. primary awards, module runs). Likewise, an attachment at primary award level gives the announcer the ability to publish to all ‘children’ of the primary award (primary targets and RAGs).

Announcements must always be made to at least one group, but can be made to multiple groups. These are the ‘target group’ or ‘target groups’ for the announcement, and an announcement is only seen by staff or students who are members of its own designated target group or groups.

If you are a member of a target group, you will see all announcements published to that group in the portal. Such announcements appear on the first page of the portal.

If you are an ‘announcer’ in the portal, below the list of your announcements you will have a link to ‘Add/edit Announcements’. Users who are not announcers will not see this link.

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Announcements Administration screen

The ‘Add/edit Announcements’ link from the Announcements channel will open the following screen:

example screenshot of the announcements administration page

From here you can Add, Edit, or Delete an announcement. Please note that after selecting ‘Delete’ you will be prompted for confirmation.

Add/edit an Announcement

example screenshot of Add Announcement page

After pressing the 'Submit' button, you will see an acknowledgement if you have successfully published a new announcement (or successfully edited an existing one).

The group list can be displayed in two different ways. These are:

The Tree version

Screenshot of group Published to tree

The screenshot above shows a version of the groups list which uses Javascript to display selectable groups within an expandable/collapsible tree hierarchy.

Please note that:

  • If the groups fail to load you may have Javascript disabled and will need to use the accessible version which you can access by clicking the link.
  • Selecting the 'Reset' button will clear any group selections you might have made in the 'Published to' group tree, and reset to the default display.
  • You will need to allow time for the tree to re-draw after you follow a link.
  • You can select multiple groups for any single parent, but you should be aware that following a link will cause you to lose any selections which you may have already made.
  • You can hover over any group's name to view a description (where available).

Please see below for a description of fields and terms

The Accessible version

Screenshot of group tree - accessible version

If you have Javascript disabled and the groups list fails to load then you may have to use the accessible version (after following the accessible version link). A screenshot of the accessible version is shown above.

This version allows you to navigate through the groups list (in the ‘Not Selected’ column) by selecting and using the 'Open Group' button. When you have found a group you want to announce to you can select it by pressing the ‘Add’ button and it will be added to the ‘Selected’ list. You can repeat this procedure until all the groups you require are selected. Groups can be removed from the list by pressing the ‘Remove’ button.

A description of each group can be seen on the right when a group code is highlighted (e.g. in the example above AC stands for Communication Design).

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Description of fields and terms

Below are descriptions of the fields and terms used by the add/edit an announcement facility:

Field name Purpose Rules Tips
Title The title for an announcement appears on main myUWE tab of the portal as a headline for the announcement, and will appear as prominent text. Mandatory.

The title must be at least 5 characters long and can be up to 50 characters long.

  1. The title is the principle means of ensuring portal visitors understand the significance of the announcement. Endeavour to use titles which are clear and concise. Brevity will make it more likely users will absorb the meaning.
  2. At the time of writing, the date of the announcement is not displayed alongside the announcement on the myUWE tab. You may wish to prepend the title with the date of the announcement until this is addressed: this will help readers to identify how recently the announcement was made.
Text This text will provide the body of the announcement. The first 50 characters will appear on the myUWE tab under the title (above) as a trailer for the item. Mandatory.

Maximum of 1200 characters.

You may wish to ensure the first words of the announcement clarify its purpose, where amplification of the title may be beneficial.
Url An announcement should be a short summary or reminder. Where substantial information is to be supplied, or users are asked to do something online, the url provides a means to link from the announcement to a web page or web site with more details, or where an action may be completed. Optional. Only one web address may be entered per announcement.

Maximum of 255 characters (including the http://).

Valid dates To set a time at which the announcement will become visible to appropriate portal visitors, and a date at which the announcement will be removed from the portal. A start date can be earlier than today. The end date must be today or later, but cannot be more than 28 days from now.
Published to To allow the selection of one or more target groups (see above). At least one target group must be selected.
  1. More than one target group can be selected by holding down the CTRL key while clicking, second, third and further group codes.
  2. Group selection is under review, and we hope to offer an improved group selection process in due course.
  3. Group codes are displayed in each case.
Submit The submit button causes the above information to be processed and saved by the portal.
Cancel Abandons the announcement.
Reset Clears the form of recently entered data. Also clears any group selections you might have made in the 'Published to' group tree, and resets to the default display.

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