Personal tutor

Your academic personal tutor is an integral part of your studies at UWE Bristol, giving you a one-to-one relationship with a member of staff to help you with your academic studies. More details can be found on our Academic Personal Tutor programme web pages.

For most students based at Frenchay or Glenside, you will see details of your tutor in MYUWE once your timetable has been published. This does not apply if you're in year 3 studying applied sciences.

Your personal tutor is able to:

  • See your UWE e-mail address
  • See your student number and user ID
  • See your timetable
  • See your modules and marks
  • See your awards and results
  • Record notes of any discussions you have with them (which you will be able to see and approve)
  • Provide you with advice about your studies

If you cannot see your tutor details, continue to keep in touch with your existing tutor and use the Timetable self-help form.

Meeting notes

When you have a discussion or meeting with your personal tutor, they will make some meeting notes that you need to approve.

Meeting notes will always be available to you even if you no longer have a relationship with that personal tutor.

Reviewing notes

Your personal tutor can edit the meeting notes until you approve them. If you disagree with the meeting notes, do not approve them.

Once you have approved the notes, your personal tutor will not be able to make any more changes.

When a meeting note has been added and is waiting for you to approve it, you will see an orange notice on your personal tutor page. To view the meeting note, either select the link in the orange notice or select the 'Review' button against the meeting.

A popup screen will show the notes entered by your personal tutor. If you are happy that they are an accurate record of your discussion, select 'Confirm'. If you do not believe they are accurate, select 'Close' and then contact your personal tutor to discuss your concerns.

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