Courses tab: Coursework subtab

Selecting the Courses tab will take you to the Courses section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see six subtabs: Blackboard Courses, Teaching Timetable, Exam Timetable, Combined Timetable, Coursework, Personal Tutors and Student Reps.

example screenshot of the Courses subtabs with Coursework selected

Coursework subtab

31st March 2015 - the Coursework tab has undergone changes to the way coursework is displayed. The same information is displayed but it has been simplified to help students see key information such as due dates more easily. Students need to click on a particular coursework item to expand the coversheet download or link to Blackboard.

The first time you access the new Coursework tab layout, you will see a pop-up tour of the changes. Please read through to the end to familiarise yourself with the changes.

In the Coursework subtab, you will see a list of your Coursework items.

Click to expand a submission item and it will show the details such as deadline; status and a link to either ‘Go to Blackboard’ if submission is to be made online in Blackboard, or ‘Download Coversheet’ if submission is by manual hand-in.

Use the ‘Expand All / Collapse All’ buttons to show or hide the detail for all current or previous submissions.

example screenshot of coursework tab - click on a heading to show or hide details

Current submissions

Submissions that are within the due date and 24 hour late window are displayed under ‘Current submissions’. Please note that where a Coversheet submission has been scanned and receipted before the 24 hour late window has closed, the item will be displayed under ‘Previous Submissions’.

Green indicates that the deadline has not yet been reached.
Yellow indicates that the submission period is within the 24 hour late window.

Previous submissions

Submissions where the 24 hour period has passed are displayed under ‘Previous Submissions’.

Grey are Blackboard submissions. There is no receipting facility for these submission in the myUWE Coursework tab. Receipts for Blackboard assignment submissions will be available on your Blackboard Coursework tab.
Green are Coversheet download submissions where the coursework has been scanned and receipted as on-time.
Yellow are Coversheet download submissions where the coursework has been scanned and receipted as late.
Red are Coversheet download submissions where the coursework has not yet been scanned and receipted, or no submission has been made. For information about when your receipt will appear, please see the Logging of coursework guidance.

For guidance on submitting through Blackboard, please see the Blackboard Assignments guidance.

For guidance on downloading coursework coversheets, please see our Coursework Coversheet guidance.

Please note: myUWE Coursework tab will only display coursework items that are set up to have a downloadable coversheet or are summative assignment submissions via Blackboard. You may be expected to make other submissions which are not listed here.

Coursework Collection

January 2015 - Please note that the Online Coursework Submission (OCS) and Coursework Collection functions in myUWE have been decommissioned.

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