Courses in MYUWE

To see your Blackboard modules, follow the Blackboard link in MYUWE Home.

Missing or incorrect courses

If your course is incorrect in Blackboard, contact your Student and Programme Support team.

Problems accessing Blackboard

If you see this error when accessing Blackboard, your enrolment may not be complete:


We regret that myUWE cannot access Blackboard on your behalf. Please try to access Blackboard directly. If you cannot login to Blackboard, this means your student registration record is not up to date. Please register in the myUWE Registration tab. Once you have successfully registered, you will need to wait until the following morning before trying to access Blackboard again. If the Registration tab is not visible to you in myUWE, please contact the Registration team and explain that you do not have the Registration tab in myUWE.

To update this, contact the Registration team. Updates to your registration record can take 24 hours to refresh.

Blackboard help can be found on our Blackboard support pages.

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