Courses tab: Blackboard Courses subtab

Selecting the Courses tab will take you to the Courses section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see six subtabs: Blackboard Courses, Teaching Timetable, Exam Timetable, Combined Timetable, Coursework, Personal Tutors and Student Reps.

example of courses page in myuwe

Blackboard Courses subtab

Blackboard modules are no longer listed in myUWE.

To see a list of your Blackboard modules please click the link supplied on the myUWE Blackboard tab. Blackboard will open and show your modules within the Blackboard courses tab.

Missing or incorrect courses (Students)

If you believe there are missing courses or that there are incorrect courses listed in Blackboard, check which courses you are attached to in the Marks tab, Modules & Marks subtab. If you can see that you are attached to the wrong courses, you will need to make the appropriateFaculty Student Administration Team aware so that they can update your attachments appropriately.

Missing or incorrect courses (Staff)

If you are not seeing courses that you are teaching listed in Blackboard, or if you are attached to courses that you are not teaching, please contact the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team (SAT) and ask them to update your module run attachments in ISIS:

Problems accessing Blackboard from myUWE

If when trying to access Blackboard you see the message below, your enrolment may not be complete (thus preventing you from accessing your Blackboard courses).


We regret that myUWE cannot access Blackboard on your behalf. Please try to access Blackboard directly. If you cannot login to Blackboard, this means your student registration record is not up to date. Please register in the myUWE Registration tab. Once you have successfully registered, you will need to wait until the following morning before trying to access Blackboard again. If the Registration tab is not visible to you in myUWE, please contact the Registration team and explain that you do not have the Registration tab in myUWE.

Please contact the Registration team to request your registration record is updated. Please note updates to your registration record take up to 24 hours to propagate to all systems.

Additional support for Blackboard can be found at the Blackboard Support Pages.

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