My Details tab: Addresses subtab

Selecting the My Details tab will take you to the My Details section of myUWE. Below the main tab you should see five subtabs: Personal Details, ID Photo, Addresses, Car Parking and Documents.

example screenshot of the My Details subtabs with Addresses selected

Addresses subtab

Your registered addresses

In order to fully support you during your career at UWE Bristol we need to hold a home and a term time address for you - please ensure that you complete both fields even if the address is the same.

Any current or future addresses that we have registered for you will be displayed in a table on this page. Past addresses will be hidden by default but can still be viewed.

example screenshot of your registered addresses

This information is taken from the student record system, and includes the following:

  • From - The date that the address became or becomes active
  • To - The date that you left or will leave the address
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Address Type - Whether it is your home address, your term time address etc
  • Action - Provides any actions available to the entry i.e. ‘remove’ or ‘copy’.

Editing, Copying and Removing addresses


As the University needs to keep a record of all addresses registered, you are unable to edit an existing address entry. You must add a new address with the same ‘Address Type’ and a start date of today. This will then change the existing address entry to ‘Past’.


Any address which is current, UK and validated will have a ‘Copy’ button in the ‘Action’ column. Use the ‘Copy’ button if you have the same home and term time address.

To copy a current address, select the ‘Copy’ button in the ‘Action’ column and you will be presented with a ‘New Address Details’ screen. Enter the ‘Address Type’, ‘Telephone Number’ and ‘Start Date’ and then check that the address you have copied is correct. If it is, select ‘Use this address’. If it is not correct, either select ‘cancel’, or enter the correct details and select ‘Lookup Address’.


Only ‘future’ addresses may be removed. As mentioned above, this is because the University needs to keep a record of any address that it may have used in its communication with you.

To remove a future address, select the ‘Remove’ button in the ‘Action’ column and you will be presented with a screen asking you to confirm whether you wish to remove the address. Select ‘Remove this address’ to remove it or ‘Cancel’ to leave the address registered.

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Past addresses

Past addresses are not removed but are by default hidden from your list of registered addresses. To see your past addresses select the ‘Show Past Addresses’ link and they will be displayed at the top of the list with a light grey background. The ‘Hide past addresses’ link will hide past addresses from your view.

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New addresses

Please note that at present, myUWE cannot validate overseas or some new UK building addresses. If you need to validate one of these, please contact the University and they will be able to add it to your record.

There are four types of addresses which you can add: home, term, work and placement. With the exception of placement where you can have both a home placement address and a work placement address, you are only able to add one current address for each address type.

The table below details which types of addresses are available for you to choose:

Address Type Subtype
(Only one current home address is permitted)
Own home
Parental/Guardian home
Work n/a
(Only one current term address is permitted)
Own home
Parental/Guardian home
UWE Bristol maintained property

Please note that if you are moving into UWE Bristol accommodation your term address will be auto-completed when you collect your keys - so there is no need to add this address yourself. You can check in myUWE the day after you pick up your keys that the address has been added correctly. If you can see a UWE Bristol accommodation address that is different from the one you expect to see please contact Accommodation Services.

Company owned (UNITE etc)

This is accommodation specifically intended for students and includes companies like: UNITE; Jarvis; Knightstone Housing; Opal; and Signpost Housing. In Bristol, UNITE are probably the largest providers and the addresses and postcodes can be found in the Unite Accommodation list.

Other rented property
(both placement address are permitted)

To add a new address, follow these steps:

  1. Either select the ‘Add new address’ button, or if you already have the address registered, select the ‘Copy’ button in the ‘Action’ column. You will then be taken to a screen where you can enter the address details.

    example screenshot of the add new address screen

  2. Select the ‘Address Type’ from the drop-down list.
  3. Complete the ‘Start Date’ from when you want the new address to take effect.
  4. Enter the ‘Telephone number’ of the address.
  5. Enter the address details as fully as possible and then select ‘Lookup address’. myUWE will then attempt to locate the address and return either a list of possible addresses or one single address.

    If you are a resident in any UWE Bristol accommodation you can consult the UWE address and postcode table.

    If the system is unable to recognise the correct address after filling in all available details, you will need to contact the University so that they can add the address for you.

  6. You should select the appropriate house name or number from the list of properties displayed. If the address is not listed then select ‘None of these addresses is correct’.

    If the system is unable to recognise the correct address after filling in all available details, you will need to contact the University so that they can add the address for you.

  7. Once you have selected the correct address, select the ‘Use selected address’ button.
  8. myUWE will then fill in any missing address details automatically and display options to either ‘Confirm’, ‘Change’, or ‘Cancel’ the address. ‘Cancel’ takes you back to ‘Your registered addresses’. ‘Change’ will take you back to the ‘Add New Address’ page. ‘Confirm’ will add the address and update the student record system.

Please note that important correspondence will be sent from UWE Bristol to the addresses you specify, so you should be careful to ensure that you enter your address details correctly and keep them up-to-date.

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Why incorrect and/or old addresses are not deleted

The University retains a record of all addresses used that relate to students (whether past or current). This is so that any correspondence sent between the University and student can be checked against these recorded addresses. Therefore it is equally important for the University to retain records of both correctly, and incorrectly, entered addresses.

As a result, myUWE does not allow the student to delete past addresses that may have been wrongly entered.

Please note that it is possible to change your Current address by adding a new address. This will result in the replaced incorrect address having its status changed to ‘Past’ and the new address being given the status ‘Current’.

Please note that the university will only send correspondence to ‘Current’ addresses.

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