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  • Quaker worship

    Date: 19 March 2019
    Venue: The Quiet Room, Community Hub, Octagon, Frenchay Campus

    The Quaker meeting is an opportunity for shared silence in the Quaker tradition and is open to those of all faiths and none. All welcome!

  • How to plan and structure your writing

    Date: 19 March 2019
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Library), Frenchay Campus

    Workshop: Learn how to understand your assignment title and how to plan and structure an academic assignment.

  • How to make notes from your reading and lectures

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Room AW111, Gloucester Campus

    Workshop: Learn strategies for selecting what to read and how to take useful notes when reading and listening.

  • Get into Teaching drop-in sessions

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Frenchay Campus

    Thinking about getting into teaching? Come along to one of our informal drop-in events.

  • Undergraduate Open Afternoon - City Campus

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: City Campus

    If you're not able to make it along to one of our main Saturday Undergraduate Open Days, come along to our Open Afternoon on City Campus and find out more about life at UWE Bristol.

  • How to stand up and be heard

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Room 2D09 (Library), Glenside Campus

    Workshop: Build your confidence in public speaking by exploring ideas and strategies which enable you to shift your attitude and approach to presentations.

    The workshop uses a non-threatening approach to enable students. You will not be asked to deliver a presentation.

  • Guide to Searching and Organising the Literatures

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Working with literatures is an integral part of research. It requires you to be organised in your strategies for seeking out the work of others but also to keep comprehensive records. This workshop will provide you with some tools and techniques to navigate this element of your projects.

  • How to put your reading into your writing

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Library), Frenchay campus

    Workshop: Learn how to incorporate themes and ideas from multiple sources into your own work.

  • How to improve your critical writing

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: Room 1B4, City Campus – Bower Ashton Studios

    Learn how to build an argument and develop an appropriate 'voice'.

    This will be useful if you are undertaking postgraduate study or if you have been told that you need to be more critical in your writing.

    This workshop will be suitable for Level 3 and postgraduate students.

  • Financial Capability module - workshop three

    Date: 20 March 2019
    Venue: 4X112, Bristol Business School

    Join us for a series of 3 workshops to develop essential money skills and get confident about your finances. Ultimately giving you the essential skills to flourish both at University and in life after graduation.

  • Library disability support drop-in session

    Date: 21 March 2019
    Venue: Room 2D90 (Library), Frenchay campus

    Drop in to Frenchay Library to chat with a member of the library disability support team. We offer a range of additional support which includes help with accessing your reading materials, advice on assistive software and lots more. No advance booking needed.

  • How to get started with critical writing

    Date: 21 March 2019
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Library), Frenchay Campus

    Workshop: Learn how to make your writing less descriptive and more critical.

    This workshop is suitable for Level 1 and 2 students.

  • OSCOLA workshop for referencing legal materials

    Date: 21 March 2019
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Library), Frenchay Campus

    This workshop is an introduction to the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).

  • Victorian to present day Bristol in three dimensions

    Date: 21 March 2019
    Venue: M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN

    Dr Bob Pryce will present some new 3D audio visual shows for the big screen, depicting Bristol's past and present with new stereo photographs of Bristol and Clifton related to Victorian views. This event is part of the UWE Bristol Regional History Centre and M Shed Seminar Programme.

  • So what is your social enterprise going to be?

    Date: 25 March 2019
    Venue: Room 2S703, S Block, Frenchay Campus

    What does it mean to be 'enterprising' or 'entrepreneurial'? This event will be exploring the skills and mind-set needed to be a social entrepreneur and you'll have the opportunity to develop your own idea for a social enterprise, drawing on your own research and areas of expertise.

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