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  • Looking after yourself during a doctorate

    Date: 13 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4E13A, Level 4, E Block, Frenchay Campus

    Studying for a doctorate is a hugely rewarding experience due to the intellectual journey that you embark upon. This same journey is often an emotional one with many ups and downs. Therefore it is important to look after your health, both physically and mentally, during your doctorate.

  • Got any questions? Postgraduate Researchers' surgery

    Date: 13 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4E13A, Level 4, E Block, Frenchay Campus

    A friendly, informal drop-in session for all postgraduate researchers.

  • Future Impact Webinar Series: The exploitation of money by financial criminals - do you know enough?

    Date: 15 November 2018
    Venue: Online

    The second webinar in the Future Impact Webinar Series will aim to illustrate the threat posed by financial crime. The webinar concentrates on the current trends adopted by financial criminals towards disguising their proceeds of crime, the threat posed by terrorist financing and the problems associated with increasing levels of compliance.

  • How To Get Your Big Ideas Funded

    Date: 20 November 2018
    Venue: Room 1K15, Level 1, K Block, Frenchay Campus

    The what, the why and the how are the power of ideas.

    Ideas can and have changed the world. Ideas belong to no one, we all have the ability to think of big ideas – we just need to know how.

    This workshop by Professor Darren Reynolds is for UWE Bristol postgraduate researchers and research staff.

  • Statistical reasoning: applying and understanding commonly used statistical techniques

    Date: 20 November 2018
    Venue: Room 2B038, Level 2, B Block, Frenchay Campus

    This course will make extensive use of the materials covered in 'Qualitative Research Methods (QRM); The overview'.

  • Preparing to teach - workshop for postgraduate researchers

    Date: 21 November 2018
    Venue: Level 6, Room 6X270, Frenchay Campus

    This compulsory session for those Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) who intend to teach at UWE will explore the principles of teaching and learning, focus on the needs of those who are new to teaching. It will allow you to discuss how adults learn, how you can use your research experience in the classroom, learn how to manage a group of learners and how to conduct an assessment of student work.

  • Introduction to Doctoral Supervision: Pedagogy and Practice

    Date: 21 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4E13A, E Block, Level 4, Frenchay Campus, UWE Bristol

    This one-day course is designed for new doctoral supervisors or for experienced supervisors who haven't done any training for several years. The course covers the key aspects of the doctoral journey from admission to completion. It provides participants with an opportunity to discuss the practice of supervision with a range of other academics. Those who have not yet supervised a PGR through to completion in the UK must complete this course before PGRs they will be supervising submit their RD1 forms.

  • Housekeeping for your data

    Date: 22 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Based on guidance from the Digital Curation Centre (, this introductory session for postgraduate researchers will look at some of the practical activities that relate to data management, preservation, and potential sharing and re-use.

  • Bouncing back from setbacks and adversity

    Date: 27 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4E13A, Level 4, E Block, Frenchay Campus

    You will explore and develop key concepts, interventions and actions which will assist doctoral researchers with boosting your resilience skills to enable you to better meet and overcome challenges in your doctoral and personal journey.

  • Sage research methods training

    Date: 27 November 2018
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    This session will give you a thorough introduction to SAGE Research Methods, a database containing thousands of resources, dedicated to research methods across a range of subject areas.

  • Women in research mentoring scheme (WRMS)

    Date: 03 December 2018
    Venue: X Block Atrium

    This lunchtime event is open to any member of academic staff and will begin with lunch and informal networking.

    Please register to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Gender, sexuality, bodies and identity conference

    Date: 04 December 2018
    Venue: Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus

    To bring together leading researchers from the South West of England and guest speakers from the United States in the field of gender, sexuality, bodies and identity. This conference will showcase some of the work of the presenters and the groups, centres and universities they represent. It will offer an opportunity for researchers and scholars to meet and discuss cutting edge theory and knowledge with the intention of promoting research and scholarly connections in the field. A series of 15-minute presentations will be followed by an open question and answer session where members of the audience can further explore research and innovations in the field of gender, sexuality, bodies and identity. The conference aims to be inter-disciplinary in its focus and hopes to attract academics, researchers, practitioners, and students.

  • The first annual Criminal Justice Research Unit lecture - The disclosure crisis: A suspect and practitioner perspective

    Date: 05 December 2018
    Venue: Lecture theatre 2X112, Bristol Law School, Frenchay Campus

    This event seeks to offer an evening of thought-provoking analysis and exchange on the vital issue of disclosure, providing an excellent opportunity for students, academics and practitioners to engage with a range of stakeholders.

  • Insider's guide to academic writing

    Date: 05 December 2018
    Venue: 6X270, Level 6, Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus

    What's the secret to academic writing? Why do some scholars seem to be really productive and how can you be a better writer. This workshop is for postgradute researchers.

  • The dark side of quantitative research: integrity and good practice

    Date: 10 December 2018
    Venue: Room (to be confirmed), Frenchay Campus

    In this workshop we will challenge the main problems we face in our quantitative research, or the so called 'seven deadly sins'.

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