Webinar and Book Launch: Roads, Runways and Resistance

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Date: 26 January 2021
Venue: Online - Microsoft Live
Time: 15:30-17:00

This webinar will introduce Roads, Runways and Resistance- from the Newbury Bypass to Extinction Rebellion, the new book by Steve Melia.

It spans a 30-year story of the most controversial issues in transport, and the protest movements they spawned. His research included 50 interviews with government ministers, advisors and protestors - many of whom, including 'Swampy', were speaking for the first time about the events they describe.

It is a story of transport ministers undermined by their own Prime Ministers, protestors attacked or quietly supported by the police, and smartly-dressed protestors who found a way onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament. The book is written for a wide audience. As the preface says: "I did not expect to be writing a crime or spy story but fraud, violence, spying, sexual 'misdemeanours' and ambivalent actions by the police all feature at different points... I had no idea when I started researching this book that I would eventually become a direct participant." The final chapters describe the rise of Extinction Rebellion and the actions in which the author was arrested.

The research project which led to the book was partly funded by UWE, although most of the interviews and writing were done in Steve's own time. It also produced two academic journal articles, which inform the book's conclusions in a 'light touch' way.

The webinar will be introduced and chaired by Prof. Graham Parkhurst. Steve will tell the story of the main events described in the book, and also reflect on the tensions between academic research, direct action and writing for the general public, before opening for questions and discussion.

Find out more about the book.

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Cost: Free
Contact: Poppy Shields
Telephone: +44(0)117 3281805
E-mail: researchevents@uwe.ac.uk

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