Bristol Distinguished Professorial Address - Professor Ben Pontin

Date: 26 March 2020
Venue: 2X112, Bristol Business School (X Block), Frenchay campus
Venue Location:
Time: 17:30 - 19:30


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The UK entered the EEC with some of the world's most established private and public laws relating to protection of the environment, which Lord Ashby (the inaugural chair of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution), described as the 'British way of environmental protection'. 'Each case on its merits' was the phrase Ashby chose to sum up the British way as he understood it.

This talk explores and evaluates the British way as an approach for the future. Ben argues that the attraction of the British way is the unique reliance it places on politics over formal law; it is fundamentally discretionary. Yet it is only as 'good' as the politics of the day. Critics argue for legal teeth that can save the environment when, inevitably, the political climate turns against it.

Professor Ben Pontin

Ben is a Professor of Law at Cardiff University specialising in environmental law, with supporting interests in constitutional law and tort. His approach to both research and teaching in these fields mixes 'doctrinal' and 'socio-legal' perspectives, with a particular emphasis on the historical context of current developments. He is author of The Environmental Case for Brexit: A Socio-Legal Perspective (Hart 2019).

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