Masterclass in Large Format Camera Photography and Printing Silver Gelatine Darkroom Prints

Date: 13 July - 16 July 2020
Venue: Centre for Fine Print Research, Bower Ashton Campus
Venue Location:
Time: 9:30 - 16:30

In this four day masterclass, participants will work with course tutor Frank Menger to learn about and use vintage and modern 5x4 large format cameras, making best use of camera movements, such as shift, tilt and swing, as well as the Scheimpflug principle to control depth of field.

Each participant will produce up to six final prints during the course to take home.

The course price includes all materials and catering.

This course will be held at UWE Bristol's beautiful Bower Ashton Studios set in the stunning Ashton Court park. With a maximum of 6 participants sign up early to secure your place.

What is the large format camera?

The large format camera on one hand is the most basic camera a photographer can use to record single, large format negatives or positives, but its versatility allows advanced, in-camera techniques that avoid the need for extensive post-processing, enabling the photographer to concentrate on creating the perfect print from the negative achieved.

The large format camera also enables photographers and visual artists to create large format negatives to be used for historical and alternative processes, such as Cyanotype, Platinum printing, and can form the starting point to explore other photomechanical processes away from the digital.

What will the course involve?

Working in the studio, principles of setting up, exposure and focusing will be explored and practiced using paper negatives and black and white film. Participants will be taught to develop and print their images using traditional darkroom processes that are easily replicated in a temporary mobile darkroom set-up.

We will also explore using the large format camera on location, using the beautiful backdrop of Ashton Court on our doorstep. Building up on the experience of using the camera in the studio, we will introduce colour filters to control the distribution of colour in the black and white negative. Film shot during all sessions will be processed by the participants at the end of each day and final prints will be made in our extensive black and white darkroom.

Is the course for you?

This course is aimed at photographers and visual artists alike who want to extend their photographic knowledge and expertise to create unique black and white prints from large format negatives, that are suitable for traditional black and white silver gelatine printing, as well as historical processes such as Cyanotype and Platinum.

Cost: £600 full price / £480 concessionary price
Contact: Frank Menger
Telephone: +44 (0)117 3285864

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