Miseducation and its consequences: Education and the Working Classes

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Date: 08 January 2020
Venue: 2S705 Frenchay Campus
Venue Location: https://www1.uwe.ac.uk/about/visitus/campusmapsandinformation/frenchaycampus/frenchaycampusmaps.aspx
Time: 17:00-19:00

BRIDGE Bristol Inter-disciplinary Group for Education Research brings a talk by Diane Reay, Professor of Education Cambridge University.

This talk explores the psychic consequences of class inequalities. Drawing on empirical case studies, it attempts to describe the affective economies of identification and dis-identification that underpin class relationships to education.

The main focus is the psychic landscapes of class, the powerful feelings of anxiety, hope, fear, guilt, desire, disappointment, shame and rejection generated in and through our contemporary neoliberal educational project. In doing so the case is made that class operates as a powerful psychic force that has negative emotional consequences for all individuals but, in particular, for those from black and white working class backgrounds.

Diane Reay, author of 'Miseducation. Inequality, Education and the Working Classes' grew up on a council estate, the eldest of eight, and became a Cambridge professor. Here, she talks about inequality in education. Professor Reay's research includes:

  • children's relationships to space and place in the city
  • parental involvement in education and research
  • socially mobile working class young people
  • the impact of assessment on primary school children
  • ESRC-funded projects including children's transitions to secondary schooling, choice of higher education, students' identities and participation as learners, and white, middle class identities through an exploration of educational choice.

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