How to stand up and be heard workshop

This event has now passed.

Date: 08 January 2020
Venue: 4D24 (Library), D Block, Frenchay Campus
Venue Location:
Time: 13:30 - 16:30

How to attend

If you are interested in attending this event, please register via InfoHub.

Please do your best to attend, as non-attendance may threaten the future running of this workshop. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your place at least 48 hours in advance to allow a student on the waiting list to attend.

Please also note that this is a three-hour interactive workshop, designed to build skills and confidence together. If there are four, or fewer, attendees on the day, a one-hour session will be run to support the particular needs of those in attendance.


This workshop aims to build confidence in public speaking by exploring ideas and strategies which will enable students to change their attitude and approach to presentations / public speaking.

This workshop is suitable for all subjects and all levels of study. The workshop uses a non-threatening approach to enable students. You will not be asked to deliver a presentation.

The workshop is based on the following textbook, Stand Up and Be Heard, Taking the Fear Out of Public Speaking at University, written by the workshop facilitator and will be available in the library from January 2020.


  • To support teaching and learning related to your fear of presentations/public speaking
  • To identify and discuss some of the issues/fears associated with presenting/public speaking
  • To review strategies and an approach that may help you to manage your fear of presenting/public speaking
  • To review the overall benefits of public speaking a transferable skill for your university, life and future employment
  • To discuss and identify available resources to support students with these important transferable skills.

Meet your workshop facilitator

Dr Rob Grieve is a senior lecturer in Physiotherapy at UWE Bristol. As a person who has stammered since childhood, he is passionate about sharing his experience with others. He has found that his many years of teaching/public speaking have been hugely beneficial in the successful self-management of his speech dysfluency and anxiety in public speaking. The approach to help those who stammer gain confidence in public speaking is similar for people who are fluent.

Rob was presented with the 2017 VC Staff Excellence "Enabling Students" award for his Stand Up and Be Heard Workshops.

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which contributes towards your record of extra-curricular achievements.

If you have any questions or any accessibility needs, please do contact us. Printouts will be provided at the beginning of the workshop

If you can't make this date, try an alternative campus or get in touch via Ask a Librarian.

Cost: Free

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