Centre for Music Piano Week

This event has now passed.

Date: 07 October - 11 October 2019
Venue: Centre for Music - Frenchay Campus
Venue Location: https://www1.uwe.ac.uk/about/visitus/campusmapsandinformation/frenchaycampus/frenchaycampusmaps.aspx
Time: All day

An opportunity to become familiar with the pianos around campus. Sit down, play, post on your socials and tag @uwecfm for a chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher.

Come and play our pianos in any of the following locations. There will be some CfM members playing at lunchtimes and on Thursday 10th October we will hold our piano recital from 12:30-13:15 at Centre for Music.

Cost: 0
Contact: Savannah Baldry
Telephone: +44(0)117 32 82067
E-mail: cfm@uwe.ac.uk

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