The Anatomy of Online Grief: Access, Ownership and Corporate Control by Dr Elaine Kasket

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Date: 02 September 2019
Venue: Frenchay Campus, Room 1L17
Venue Location:
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Elaine is an HCPC-Registered Counselling Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society in private practice. Having previously led and taught on doctoral training programmes in counselling psychology, she is currently working as a speaker and writer, having published many articles, books and book chapters in the field as well as blogs, poetry and articles for the mainstream press. She has appeared in various print, broadcast and online media, including BBC television, ITN, Channel 4, Radio 4, and the Mortified podcast.

Title of talk: The Anatomy of Online Grief: Access, Ownership and Corporate Control

Elaine's talk will draw from her latest book, All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Digital Age (Little Brown UK/Robinson, 2019), as featured recently in The Guardian. Despite constantly confronting the juxtapositions of psychology and the digital age, mental health practitioners are often insufficiently trained to work effectively in those areas where psychotherapy and the digital meet. This talk focuses on one such area: grief and mourning. When digital citizens die, they often leave behind extensive digital remains. How does this reality affect grief and mourning in the digital age? How does the involvement of big technology companies affect and even regulate the experience of loss? In addition to offering a fuller understanding of online grief, the talk also uses death as a lens that will help practitioners better understand and respond to their clients' struggles with identity, autonomy, privacy and control as they navigate life in the digital age.

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Cost: Free
Contact: Sarah Bambridge

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