Critical Theory and Feminism Conference - day 1

This event has now passed.

Date: 03 May 2019
Venue: Meeting Room, Future Inn Bristol
Venue Location:
Time: 10:00-18:00

This conference brings together philosophers working in Critical Theory and Feminism with political theorists and professional psychoanalysts, to develop compelling new perspectives on gendered oppression in an interdisciplinary context.

Critical Theory (Frankfurt School) seems especially well-suited for approaching gendered injustice in all its different and complex manifestations, because it is committed to exposing mechanisms of oppression with the aim of emancipatory social transformation. Its (traditionally) interdisciplinary nature offers different but complementing perspectives and approaches to a variety of phenomena and issues.

By combining (Frankfurt School) Critical Theory and feminist concerns and applying both to the different feminist approaches themselves, such new perspectives can offer compelling normative frameworks and/or comprehensive ways to conceptualise problems of gendered injustice, mechanisms of oppression, and productive ways to understand and navigate internal conflicts between the different approaches within feminism. Such perspectives might also inform Critical Theory methodology itself.


Examples of the topics the conference will address:

  • Universalism and particularity (such as identity politics and intersectionality)
  • Critical Theory, 'progress' and feminism
  • Inclusion and exclusion
  • Decolonial Theory and Critical Theory
  • Decolonial Theory and Feminism
  • Mechanisms of domination
  • Notions of emancipation
  • A Critical Theory analysis of social movements (for example 'me too')
  • Relation between feminism and anti-racism (including anti anti-semitism)
  • Feminist approaches to psychoanalysis
  • The role of vulnerability

Invited Speakers

  • Federica Gregoratto, University of St Gallen, Switzerland
  • Mariana O N Teixeira, Free University, Berlin, Germany and CEBRAP
  • Danielle Petherbridge, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Ingrid Cyfer, Federal University of Saõ Paulo, Saõ Paulo, Brazil
  • Inara Marin, CEBRAP (Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning) and Unicamp, Saõ Paula, Brazil

How to attend

Please register for this event or alternatively register for all 3 days of the Critical Theory Feminist Conference.

Cost: £50 for 3 days, £20 for 1 day, free for students
Contact: Miguel Prado

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