SSC: Space, Sound, Sensation

This event has now passed.

Date: 28 April 2019
Venue: Saint Paul's Crypt, Coronation Road, Bristol
Time: 11:00-16:00

Space, Sound, Sensation will consist of a site-specific, interactive sound installation, open to the you free of charge across three days. The installation will be a space in which sound will vary in response to the audience's movements within it. The intention is that, as the audience moves, they discover that their coordinated actions modify the sound in ways that they find more or less pleasant. Once this is collectively discovered, you learn how to modify and control the sound. The installation provides a way to experience and experiment with interactions between individual and collective performances and comprehensions in order to alter behaviour through spatial intuition and the aesthetic response to sound.

In response to this installation, there will be a music performance by Kostis Kilymis, short talks by Cecile Malaspina and Inigo Wilkins, and a panel discussion exploring philosophical questions raised by our experience of space and sound such as: how does intelligence emerge as a response to an abstract stimulus? Under what conditions can individual experience become collective? Are sounds in the objects that sound or in our minds? How do we experience the spatial negotiation of our own bodies in space with that of others? How does sound affect our experience of space? How does a particular space affect our interaction with others?

Space, Sound, Sensation is a collaboration of Social Science in the City at UWE Bristol, the Royal Institute of Philosophy, and the Social Science Research Group UWE Bristol. The event is part of a series of public engagement events on philosophy, art and society.


26-28 April 2019

11:00-16:00: Installation by Fidel Meraz and Merate Barakat

28 April 2019

Discussion and performance

11:00-12:00: Talks by Cecile Malaspina 'Noise and the 'as yet' unthinkable boundlessness of ground' and Inigo Wilkins 'Trans-Umweltic Listening and the Meta-Contextual Predictive Automaton'

14:00-15:00: Panel discussion

15:00: Music Performance by Kostis Kilymis, 'A room is a space to be filled'


The panel will include:

  • Fidel Meraz (Senior Lecturer in Architecture, UWE Bristol)
  • Merate Barakat (Senior lecturer in Computational Architecture, UWE Bristol)
  • Miguel Prado Casanova (musician and researcher in Philosophy)
  • Cecile Malaspina (author of 'An epistemology of noise')
  • Inigo Wilkins (author of 'Irreversible noise')

How to attend

Please register to attend the discussion and performance.

Cost: Free
Contact: Miguel Prado

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