Social Science in the City Politics Cafes; Post-work city: a conversation on the future

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Date: 12 February 2019
Venue: The Station Kitchen, YMCA, The Station, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG
Venue Location:
Time: 18:00-20:00

The world is in transition. Demographic and technological transformations, as well as new policy proposals, like a shorter working week or a Universal Basic Income, all point to a break-down of the traditional divisions between leisure and work, employed and unemployed, worker and pensioner.

As these identities and practices of everyday life are re-discussed, so to is their presence in society and the spaces that they inhabit. To think these issues through, we can entertain both utopian and dystopian possibilities. With the possibility of automation tech, for example, reimagining forms of employment and welfare is an opportunity to ask how and where identities and activities beyond waged-labour might be performed in the city.

Equally important is the rethinking of city spaces in light of the material reality of climate change and the impacts of an ageing population. Questions of use and efficiency must be posed differently, with potentially radical consequences for shared spaces and resources. Foundational services and activities, those that sustain the everyday lives of citizens, need to be re-thought and revalued.

In this conversation, Julian Siravo, an urban planner and architect, and Will Stronge, the director of the think tank Autonomy and co-author of Post-Work (2020), will entertain the speculative notion of the future city in light of these crisis tendencies.

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Cost: Free
Contact: Miguel Prado Casanova

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