Equality Engagement Event

This event has now passed.

Date: 11 December 2018
Venue: Frenchay Campus (Venue will be named in booking confirmation)
Venue Location: https://www1.uwe.ac.uk/about/visitus/campusmapsandinformation/frenchaycampus/frenchaycampusmaps.aspx
Time: 13:30-16:00

Everyone is welcome to join us at an Equality Engagement Event to share your perspectives on inclusive practice with project managers from the University's strategic programmes (Learning 2020, the Student Journey Programme and Strategy 2030). We would like to invite all students and staff who have an interest in inclusivity and/or an insight on inclusivity issues to take part. Everyone with an interest in the subject is welcome – you don't have to be an expert.

How to book

If you and coursemates or colleagues you know are interested in attending this event, please book your place as places are limited.

Overview of the workshop

The purpose is to provide:

  • inclusivity stakeholders with an overview of the strategic programmes
  • stakeholders the opportunity to share their views on inclusivity considerations in relation to each project
  • a safe space and interactive discussion that will help shape thinking in future design/development work and the development of equalities analysis.

Workshop format

The event will be run in a world café style, with three tables that each have a different topic for discussion:

  • Web Transformation Project (from the Student Journey Programme)
  • The Grand Challenge (from the Learning 2020 programme)
  • Strategy 2030.

Before the workshop, attendees will be asked to indicate which two topics they are most interested in discussing. Everyone will get to attend two table topics over the course of the event.

Overview of each programme

Web Transformation Project (from the Student Journey Programme)

The current UWE Bristol website uses a lot of old systems. Some of the systems are too old to get technical support from the original suppliers. This presents a challenge for the University in delivering a well-structured, dynamic and engaging experience for its web users.

We are replacing our current website with a stable and dynamic publishing environment which serves as the University's primary digital communications channel. It will be driven by the needs of its many users and focused on enabling the University's strategic objectives.

We will be implementing the new website during 2019, so we need your input to ensure that we don't miss any equality considerations.

The Grand Challenge (from the Learning 2020 programme)

The Grand Challenge is a new voluntary initiative designed to mobilise the energy, enthusiasm and intellectual capabilities of students to make a difference to a real-world problem. This year's topic is Homelessness.

What students will do during The Grand Challenge:

  • You will work as part of a team of up to ten students from different programmes, to contribute to understanding and formulating a solution to Homelessness. Each student is expected to commit about 50 hours over nine months.
  • The output from your study may be a conventional report, a film, an animation, a play or other artefact that captures the process and contribution that you have made to both understanding the issues and providing possible solutions.
  • You will be supported by team coaches from professional services and academic staff in:
    • forming and operating as a team
    • understanding the nature and scope of the homelessness challenge
    • designing a methodology to deliver your contribution.

Strategy 2030

The University is currently developing its Strategy 2030 to establish the ambitions and priorities that will shape our University's future to 2030 and beyond. A series of strategy cafes and engagement sessions are being held to consider emerging key themes and to help shape the development of a draft strategy document to be shared across the University and externally in the New Year for further feedback.

Inclusivity will continue to be a core value running throughout Strategy 2030. With that in mind, in this session we would appreciate your insights and expertise on what you would want to be able to say about Strategy 2030 in terms of inclusivity, equality and diversity.

Workshop timetable

  • Introduction and purpose of the workshop
  • Overview of each strategic programme
  • Group discussion one:
    • What might the equalities considerations be for this project?
    • What good practice ideas would you like us to consider for this project?
    • How should we engage about future developments for this project?
  • Break for refreshments.
  • Group discussion two - as above
  • Round up questions and close.

Cost: Free
Contact: Vicky Swinerd
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81719
E-mail: vicky.swinerd@uwe.ac.uk

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