Pro-environmental employee and consumer behaviour conference

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Date: 29 April 2019
Venue: Room 2X112, Bristol Business School (X Block), Frenchay Campus
Venue Location:
Time: 09:00-17:00

Current world population is just over seven billion and expected to reach nine billion before 2050. Increasing affluence in the developing and transition countries where population is growing most is now resulting in a wave of “new consumers”. This is important as in the developed world the main drivers for the level and growth of environmental pressures are said to be final consumption and affluence. Technology on its own will not adequately ensure that society stays within environmental limits. Therefore there is a need for serious consideration and research into consumer, employee and entrepreneur behaviours.

In this vein, the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) is hosting a one day inter-disciplinary conference, organised by Dr Peter Bradley, leader of BCEF's Sustainability Research Cluster and an expert in sustainability research.

Keynote speakers

Invited keynote speakers:

We are pleased to announce the following confirmed speakers.

  • Dr Peter Bradley (Associate Professor of Economics and leader of the Sustainability Research Cluster at UWE Bristol). Keynote - 'Motivating energy conservation in organisations: Smart metering and the emergence and diffusion of social norms'.
  • Iain Mcguffog (Director of Strategy & Regulation, Bristol Water) - 'Beyond customer engagement to a hydro social contract.'
  • Shane Donnellan (Senior Behaviour Change Specialist, Changeworks). Keynote - 'Learning to develop as a centre for best practice for behavioural change; lessons from an environmental charity.'
  • Mandy Gardner (UWE Bristol) - 'Values and motivations of social entrepreneurs in bringing about sustainable community production and consumption.'
  • Bridget Appleby (Founder/CEO, 'Sustainabubbles') - 'Parties for the Planet- Social Connections and Sustainable Behaviour.'
  • Dr Ian Smith (Senior lecturer of economics, UWE Bristol) - 'What kind of activist are you? Exploring notions of collective action and self-organising amongst climate change activists in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.'
  • Jes Rutter (CEO, JRP Solutions). Keynote - 'Cognitive Energy - supporting the first fuel - UK behaviour change collective action.'
  • Dr Jon Mulholland (Associate Professor in Sociology, UWE Bristol) - 'How disgraceful it is that you are throwing that away': Hand-Crafted Motorcycles as Upcycled Waste?'
  • Alexandra Arntsen (Birmingham City University) - 'Work-Life-Environmental Balance: An Agenda for Management Practice.'
  • Dr Artjoms Ivlevs (Associate Professor of Economics, UWE Bristol) - 'Emigration and pro-environmentalism: A long-term, community perspective.'
  • Dr Mark Everard (Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services, UWE Bristol). Keynote - 'People, nature and what this means for business.'
  • Nicola Andreij Rieg (Doctoral Practitioner in Sustainability, University of Surrey) - 'Employee behaviour and Energy Use at the University of Surrey.'
  • Shane Fudge (University of Exeter) - 'Making the invisible visible? Why policy makers are failing to deconstruct the environmental agent.'

Conference agenda

View the conference agenda.

How to attend

The conference is free to attend so please register online to book your place now.

Cost: Free
Contact: Josie Englishby
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 86453

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