Generating a Regional Skills Base for a Fintech Future

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Date: 17 October 2018
Venue: Frenchay campus, Bristol Business School, room 6X109
Venue Location:
Time: 14:00 to 17:30


Drawing on the views of expert panels, using a facilitated workshop approach, we aim to establish:

  • The skills needed to work with FinTech
  • How to inspire people to join the industry and promote the jobs available
  • The type of education and training programmes required to develop/progress these skills
  • The regional drivers/barriers/resistors to becoming a FinTech hub
  • The steps and strategies needed to scale up our reputation for excellence

Following the workshop you are invited to attend the Bristol Distinguished Address which will follow on from 18:00. Kevin Ellis, Chair and Senior Partner of PwC UK, will address 'The role of business in a disrupted world'.

The West of England, particularly Bristol, is a leading financial services centre with many major international and national companies choosing to have a presence here. As a region we also have a strong tech hub and a thriving ecosystem of SMEs capable of growth and because of this we're in a great position to develop a reputation for excellence as a Fintech Hub.

The professional services sector is a changing industry becoming increasingly global, competitive and technology fuelled. Consumer behaviours and technological developments such as AI are forcing the sector away from the traditional service delivery practices and transforming the way firms interact with customers. These advances offer streamlined processes, reduced human interaction and increased accuracy. Furthermore, increased digital access to products and services offers richer insight into customer journeys in the form of high volume data, enabling the development of tailored services to meet demands. The landscape is developing rapidly as are the skills sets required for future jobs.In the Business West Skills and Training Survey 2017 47.5% of businesses in the sector said that skilled manual and technical roles were hard to fill.

This is an opportunity to help us build a better picture of the roles and skills employers need and any actions needed to ensure our future growth and productivity within Fintech


To attend this workshop, please register online.

Cost: Free
Contact: Josie Englishby

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