MAAXX Europe 2018

This event has now passed.

Date: 23 March - 24 March 2018
Venue: Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC), Frenchay Campus
Time: 9:00

MAAXX an indoor drone air race, however the drone piloting can be done from a ground-station, but it must be fully automatic. This is not about human piloting skills; it is about building machines and systems that can operate without human.

Activities available

Seminar sessions - Technical sessions from industry leaders and research academics on key topics such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Autonomous Flight.

MAAXX Challenge - Teams from across the country have been challenged to build autonomous racing drones that can work without GPS.

DroneJam - We're running a masterclass where we train teams on the basics of interacting drones with advanced computer vision systems to code their own racers from scratch at the event.

How to attend

In order to attend please visit MAAXX Europe.

Cost: Varied

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