Evolved marketing - how business can promote well-being through marketing

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Date: 14 March 2018
Venue: Room 6x269, Bristol Business School building, Frenchay Campus
Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Victoria Hurth, Associate Professor in Marketing and Sustainable Business, Plymouth University will present her work on Evolved Marketing: Building a Framework of Marketing to Deliver Organisational 'Purpose' and Sustainability.


Victoria will present an overview of her work around how business can promote well-being through marketing.

She will draw on her most recent paper, 'Characterising Paradigms of Marketing for Sustainable Marketing Management', due for publication in the Journal of Social Business.

The presentation will highlight some of the foundational challenges faced in positioning marketing to realise its potential as a positive, rather than negative, social force.

Though this medium, Victoria will also draw on her current research around defining and understanding the phenomenon of 'purpose-driven organisations'.

About Victoria

Victoria is an Associate Professor in Marketing and Sustainable Business at Plymouth University.

Her 15 years in research and consulting has been around how organisations and the economy can become a force for sustainable global wellbeing and specifically, the role of organisational purpose and marketing in that endeavour.

Victoria's work with Accenture, Marks and Spencer, Cancer Research, Sainsburys and 3M, has given her direct strategic and tactical experience of a range of organisations.

She has also worked for a local food waste charity and as a founding Director of the first social enterprise pub in Plymouth.

Victoria has been closely engaged with organisations such as The British Council, British Standards Institute and LEAD International.

Victoria is a Chartered Manager, Chartered Marketer and Convenor of ISO37000 which is an international standard that will provide Guidance for Governance of Organisations.

How to attend

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