Resilience - Feel Good Focus at UWE Bristol

This event has now passed.

Date: 01 September - 30 September 2017
Venue: Various
Time: Various

Each month, Feel Good Focus promotes different activities and events aimed at improving student's health and wellbeing. Throughout the year students are encouraged to get involved with themed activities in order to raise awareness about mental and physical health.

Starting university can seem daunting and stressful prospect. However this months' Feel Good Focus is all about developing resilience to cope with change and anxiety to help you settle in.

What is resilience?

"The capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness”

Resilience is not just a person's ability to bounce back, but their capacity to face and cope with adversity while maintaining a stable mental wellbeing.

Five top tips to boost your resilience inside and out of university

  1. Find meaning in adversity. Find a lesson in a challenge to learn and grow from
  2. Build a community of support. Find and embrace the support from those around you
  3. Be hopeful. Choose to have hope and know that pain, misfortune and failure are not end points
  4. Focus on gratitude. At the end of each day, remind yourself of what you're grateful of
  5. Accept and anticipate change and challenge. Change and challenge are an inevitable part of life. Instead of avoiding change and challenges, develop a willingness to overcome

There are many opportunities to help you settle in

Cost: Free

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