Exile and Migration: Films and Debate

This event has now passed.

Date: 14 March 2017
Venue: The Trinity Centre, Bristol
Time: 19:00

Exile and Migration: Films and Debate

This is a free event organised by Drs Dave Green and Michal Nahman, sociologists at The University of the West of England (UWE). The aim is to bring you together with people from local communities, organisations and academics to think about and discuss issues faced by migrants and the problems and opportunities posed by immigration, asylum and refugees.

The evening's themes will be introduced by Professor Phil Cole, an expert at UWE on the politics of migration. We will then be screening two films on the themes of migration and exile.

Leaving Greece Anna Brass / Germany / 2013 / 79 min

The film tells the very personal story of three young Afghan refugees: Hossein, Reza and Kaka, who are stranded in Greece and have tried for years to enter Europe.

Boya Boya (Shine Shine) Karen Boswall, Ruba Al Akash / Jordan, UK / 2014 / 18 min

A portrait of Syrian refugee Mohammed, a 12-year-old shoe shine boy, Boya Boya looks at the reality of the growing population of urban refugees from a child's point of view. This will then be followed by a panel of people drawn from local communities and organisations and academics to answer audience questions, debate and discuss the issues raised by the evening.

This event is co-organised through UWE's Social Science in the City initiative, Identities theme of The Social Science Research Group and the Visual Social Science Network, with kind help from The Royal Anthropological Institute.

How to attend

In order to attend you must register via this online form.

Cost: Free
Contact: Miguel Prado Casanova
E-mail: Miguel.Pradocasanova@uwe.ac.uk

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