What's The Problem With Men?! Men, Masculinities, Shame and Blame

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Date: 07 March 2017
Venue: The Watershed, Bristol
Time: 18:30

Popular attention to men and masculinity

Following programmes such as Grayson Perry's documentary and new book and the success of the global HeForShe campaign, we will be using academic theory and practical experiences to shed light on some of the current questions, challenges and backlash to equality movements, to men's role within them and indeed within society as a whole.

Are men now the only group it is legal to discriminate against?

Some commentators, politicians and groups say that today many adverts and media treat men and masculinity as a joke, at a time when men face growing unemployment, a changing and uncertain economic future, isolating health problems and increased risk of suicide, violent crime and imprisonment.

Meanwhile, academics talk about such things as the 'prison' of gender stereotypes and 'toxic masculinity' but can men be blamed for these things? Are we still facing a so-called 'crisis of masculinity' or is masculinity itself a crisis?

Speakers include:

  • Chris Green CBE - White Ribbon Campaign UK
  • Poku Osei Babbasa Youth Empowerment
  • Michael Conroy - A Call To Men UK
  • Niklas Serning - Off the Record

Chaired and Introduced by: Finn Mackay, UWE Sociology and author of 'Radical Feminism: Feminist Activism in Movement' (Palgrave, 2015).

How to attend

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Cost: Free
Contact: Miguel Prado Casanova
E-mail: Miguel.Pradocasanova@uwe.ac.uk

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