Marginal Childhoods - A Multidisciplinary Symposium

This event has now passed.

Date: 08 June 2015
Venue: Room 2B020, Frenchay Campus
Time: 09.30 - 17.00

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Join us at 'Marginal Childhoods - A Multidisciplinary Symposium', which aims to bring children and the issues that affect them to centre stage by exploring the academic potential for shared knowledge, perspective, methodologies, and laying the ground work for possible future collaboration.

Marginal Childhoods - A Multidisciplinary Symposium

That the welfare, education and happiness of children should be central concerns of a just and sustainable society is a proposition few would dispute. Nevertheless, children and childhood occupy a marginal position in society at large, and indeed within many academic disciplines.

Registration: 9.30-9.40

Welcome: 9.40-9.45

Catherine Butler (English), Welcome

Panel 1 (9.45-11.15): War, Slavery and Trafficking

Michael Richards (History), 'Children as Symbols in Civil War'

Prof. Jackie Jones (Law): 'Children in the Modern Slavery Bill/Act 2015: what possible difference?'

Jessica Elliott (Law) 'Child Trafficking into Cannabis Factories in the UK'

Refreshments: 11.15-11.30

Panel 2 (11.30-13.00): Marriage, Sex and Child Health

Ann Alston (English) '“When Something is Wrong we Write it” the presentation of FGM in Rita Williams Garcia's No Laughter Here.'

Shilan Shah-Davis (Law): 'Girl Child Marriage in India: A Socio-Legal Examination'

Louca-Mai Brady (Health) 'Children's rights in practice: participation in health services and research'

Lunch Break (13.00-14.00)

Panel 3 (14.00-15.30): Can the Subaltern Child Speak?

Ben Screech (English) 'The Child as “Other” in YA fiction'

Sarah Jones (Education). 'Children making a difference: the contribution of school council members on school improvement'.

Rose Chitty (Education), 'Playing with surveillance: primary school children's development of a subaltern political competence'

Refreshments: 15.30-15.45

Panel 4 (15.45-16.45): Constructing the Child

Kieran McCartan (Criminology) 'Social constructions and narratives of child sexual abuse'

Tillie Curran (HAS), 'Disabled Children's Childhood Studies – a distinct area of study?'

Summary Panel: 16.45-17.00

Cost: Free
Contact: Catherine Butler
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 84457

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