Time and Tide: A Coastal and Marine Planning Conference for the South West

This event has now passed.

Date: 02 December 2011
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC) UWE, Frenchay
Venue Location: www.uwe.ac.uk/comingtouwe/campusesmapsandtravel
Time: 09:15 - 16:30

UWE in partnership with Severn Estuary Partnership

Don't be left waiting for the tide of marine plans and off-shore developments to hit you as they wash up across

the coasts of the South West England. We are at the early stages of a fundamental change in the way we manage our marine and coastal areas. There are both risks and significant opportunities for communities and the environment throughout this maritime region. Be prepared by attending the Time and Tide conference and workshop at UWE Bristol.

The conference is designed to inform and prepare those interested and involved in coastal and marine planning in the South West, England's most maritime region. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is charged with producing marine plans for England while the Marine Policy Statement already guides development decisions. Its plans will overlap with and impact on LA development plans while Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) decisions on off-shore renewables, ports and coastal power stations embrace both environments. Proposals for marine conservation zones will impact on the terrestrial areas of protection.

To attend this event please download the application form and return to the address specified on the form.

The event, sponsored by Marine Planning Consultants, will include the following presentations by active practitioners:

Marine Management Organisation – setting out their approach to marine plan production in the future and working with local authorities

Central Government – the issues resulting from the overlapping relationship between terrestrial and marine plans will be considered in a workshop led by a planning officer from Defra

Marine Industry – on priorities and approach to marine planning

The Crown Estate – an opportunity to highlight the Off-shore Renewable Energy programme and marine asset planning

Severn Estuary Partnership – cross boundary planning, a partnership approach in the Severn Estuary

Dorset C-Scope – a pioneering example of coastal and marine planning on the Jurassic Coast

Maritime Strategy – an example of a local authority preparing its coastal and marine policies in anticipation the South West Marine Plan

National Trust – a major land owner's perspective on caring for the coast

Port of Bristol Authority – issues facing a major coastal commercial interest in the region

Why attend?

This is a dynamic and changing time for planning and management of our marine and coastal areas. Marine Planning has started and in the coming years, marine plans covering the inshore and offshore South West seas and estuaries including the Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary, and the Scilly Isles will be prepared. In the interim Finding Sanctuary has reported its proposals for new Marine Protected Areas in the South West while the third round of off-shore wind farms are being licensed. The national policy statement on energy identifies the coast and off-shore areas as suitable for major investment in generation which will impact heavily inland as a result of transmission infrastructure.

The coast remains popular for new housing and regeneration schemes while working ports continue to drive local economies and provide vital links in the region's transport network. The implications of coastal access requirements and all this potential activity on one of Britain's most precious coast lines, one of great importance to the regional economy, requires that planning decisions have to be better coordinated and plans better integrated than ever before.

This conference offers an early opportunity for those engaged in these matters from all sides to meet and exchange views as a new era of integrated marine, terrestrial and coastal planning starts.

Cost: Standard £80, SEP Corporate £60,SEP individual £40
Contact: FET Shortcourse Unit
Telephone: +44(0)117 328 3210
E-mail: FET.shortcourses@uwe.ac.uk

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