Content Editor

The Content Editor is available in any content or communication area of Blackboard where you can enter text. Students also have access to the Content Editor when submitting discussion threads or assignments, or when adding entries to their personal calendar or task list.

Take Note

  1. Full screen - you can maximise the Content Editor to full screen
  2. Show more / Show less - you can show or hide any toolbars beneath the first row
  3. Word count - shows the number of words in your text
  4. Math Editor - new WIRIS formula editor

example screenshot of the Content Editor showing Take Notes above

Content Editor functions / commands

Icon Function
bold Bold
italic Italic
underline Underline
strike-through Strike-through
text format Text format
font family Font family
font size Font size
text colour Text colour
highlight Highlight
help Help
full screen Full screen
show more Show more
show less Show less
cut cut
copy Copy
paste Paste
undo Undo
redo Redo
bullet list Bullet list
number list Number list
align left Align left
align centre Align centre
align right Align right
align full Align full
indent Indent
outdent Outdent
superscript Superscript
subscript Subscript
direction left to right Direction left to right
direction right to left Direction right to left
toggle spellchecker Toggle spellchecker
remove formatting Remove formatting
find Find
insert / edit link Insert / Edit link
remove link Remove link
line Line
horizontal rule Horizontal rule
show non printing charactors Show non printing charactors
blockquote Blockquote
symbol Symbol
emotions Emotions
insert file Insert file
insert / edit image Insert / edit image
insert / edit embedded media Insert / edit embedded media
insert mashup Insert mashup
open math editor Open Math Editor
preview Preview
insert / edit table Insert / edit table
table row properties Table row properties
table cell properties Table cell properties
insert row before Insert row before
insert row after Insert row after
delete row Delete row
insert column before Insert column before
insert column after Insert column after
delete column Delete column
merge table cells Merge table cells
split merged table cells Split merged table cells
html code view HTML code view
anchor Anchor
insert non breaking space charactor Insert non breaking space charactor
edit css style Edit CSS style

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