Issue date: 07 March 2001

Public lecture Tuesday 13 March at 7.00pm at the Watershed, Media Centre

The University of the West of England's new Centre for Critical Theory heralds its arrival with a series of seminars at the Watershed Media Centre starting on Tuesday 13 March.

Internationally acclaimed sociologist and principal architect of 'the third way' Anthony Giddens will give the opening lecture entitled 'The Global Third Way Debate'. Anthony Giddens is the Director of the London School of Economics and Political science and his book The Third Way (1998) has been praised by world leaders including ex-US President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The new Centre for Critical Theory is headed by Professor Anthony Elliott, who has himself received international acclaim for his work on critical social theory.

Professor Elliott is keen to break down barriers between academia and public debate. He said, "We hope that by bringing prominent public intellectuals to the Watershed in Bristol we will raise awareness of the crucial influence of social science research."

"Research conducted at the new centre", said Professor Elliott, "will demonstrate the essential significance of social theory for understanding a very wide range of transformations affecting daily life - from the nature of identity, intimacy and sexuality through the current phase of globalisation affecting modern societies in the areas of politics, economics, culture and communications, mass migration issues, and military affairs."

The Centre for Critical Theory will be based in the Faculty of Economics and Social Science but the research of the Centre will bring together a range of academics across the University. The research of the Centre focuses on core theoretical issues in the social sciences and humanities, with particular emphasis on the relevance of theoretical issues and disputes for broader and political debate.

For further information about the Centre for Critical Theory and the forthcoming series of lectures at the Watershed please contact Alison Garrod on 0117 344 3953, email Alison.Garrod@uwe.ac.uk

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Editors notes:

Further public lectures will continue throughout April and May at the Watershed.

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